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Former Port Authority official intimidated by N.J.

A former Port Authority official flaunted her credentials and told two New Jersey police officers to "close the f-k" during a traffic stop that led her to resign this week, according to the images of the camera dash published on Tuesday.

Caren Turner, board member of the Port Authority who oversaw the ethics committee, intimidated a couple of Tenafly policemen during a traffic stop involving their teenage daughter during the Easter weekend, the video sample.

He demanded that the officers address the title and to know the details of the traffic stop.

The policemen refused to attend to their requests, except to briefly explain that the vehicle was not registered and would be towed.

"You are here as the driver," an officer told Turner.

But Turner insisted that she was "here as a concerned citizen and friend of the mayor."

One of the agents was visibly stunned in the March 31 filming as he exhibited his flagship and repeated gold commissioner. I tried to soften the tough car test packed with teenagers, all over 18 years old.

His partner told Turner that he had no right to know what caused the traffic stop, but she protested.

"That's my daughter," Turner said, and then boasted that she and her friends were doctoral students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale and the University.

"She's the passenger in the back seat, she was not the driver, this is not her vehicle, this is not her vehicle," he said.

Every moment of the 16-minute clip, first obtained by Politico, showed Turner getting closer and closer to one of the officers, right up until he was against the cruiser's hood. .

"Ma'am, take one step back, I can not go back and you keep walking towards me," he said.

He later discredited both men of the law as "a disappointment" for confronting her.

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Caren Turner resigned his post at the Port Authority on Monday after news of his misconduct surfaced.

(Scott Roth / Getty Images for Samantha Daniel)

"I hope you have a really enjoyable holiday weekend because you ruined it for a lot of people," Turner said.

The policeman who stood aside during the round-trip verbal time asked: "Are you finished?"

Turner had more to say.

"It's a shame" I'll talk to the police chief and talk to the mayor, "he threatened, as the five passengers got into another car.

He came back with another round of insults.

]" You're not A good person and five people are crying. You have ruined your Easter. You've ruined your Easter, "Tur ner chided, adding that a foreign guest was among them.

" You have an investment banker there from London, "he said.

The officer at the heart of his Turner's anger return the meeting, which took place outside the camera.

"You do not look like a true defender of the police," he said, especially for someone who works with members of the police. "It seems that you would have an inside view of the work. I was surprised at his behavior, using inappropriate words and things like that. "

Turner held his post at the Port Authority until Monday, when he resigned when an inspector general's investigation into his misconduct came to light. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appointed her to the board in 2017.

The Port Authority said Monday that it had been accused of violating the "recently promulgated code of ethics."

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