Former Obama speechwriter Biden “frustrates predecessor” with unity efforts

President Obama’s former speechwriter says he is “already disappointed” by President Biden’s attempt to find unity with Republicans.

What they are saying Cody Keenan told Axios that Biden’s messaging team has “hit all the right chords,” but at some point “they have to answer questions like, ‘Why didn’t you achieve unity?” When there is an entire political party which is already working to stop it. “

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Keenan spent 14 years writing for ObamaIncluding working with Biden for eight of those years. He admitted that from his own experience, Sen. Mitch McConnell, in particular, vowed to make his former boss one-term president.

  • “Until the Republican Party steps in and tells its voters what’s really happening with the truth, it’s going to be elusive,” Keenan said. “It is not alone to deliver (President Biden). He cannot.”

Keenan helped Obama with the first volume His memoir, “A Promised Land.” He stopped working with the former president on New Year’s Eve and played a full-time role at Fenway Strategies. The firm is run by another former Obama speech writer – John Favreau – and the president’s aide, Tommy Vittor.

  • “It just seemed like a natural place after the book and elections and you know, [Obama] A ton is not going away, especially with Biden, Keenan said.

Keenan is also writing a bookThe title, “Grace,” was delivered in about 10 days during a 2015 shooting at a historic Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina, to Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

  • Obama ended by singing “Amazing Grace”.

  • The title is also given to Keenan’s newborn daughter, named Grace.

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