Former Obama photographer tricks Trump with Time: “Someone has to catch up”


Last Saturday, the White House photographer of President Obama made fun of President Trump, sharing a series of 15 covers of Time magazine with the Obamas.

Pete Souza shared the photo compilation, which was originally published by an account called @michelleandbarack "on Instagram, with the caption:" Someone has a lot to do. "

Trump on Friday claimed he rejected the opportunity to be selected as "Person of the Year" by Time.

"Time Magazine called to say that it would PROBABLY be called" Man (Person) of the Year ", like last year, but would have to accept an interview and an important photo shoot. I said it's probably not good and I took a step. Thank you anyway! "Trump tweeted."

He quickly faced a setback from Time magazine, which tweeted that the president is "wrong about how we chose person of the year."

"TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is 6 December, "Time tweeted.

One time executive also called the claim" Total BS. "

Multiple people on social media also made fun of the president for his claim.

Souza often trots Trump, regularly posting the photos taken during the Obama administration tried to contrast with the current administration.

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