Former NFL players say Bears have worst quarterback situation in NFC North

Welcome to Chicago, Andy Dalton!

To say that there hasn’t been much fanfare surrounding the Bears’ decision to sign Dalton would be an understatement in the offseason.

If we’re being honest, Chicago’s rumored attempt to acquire Russell Wilson in an aggressive trade generated so much excitement and generated so much anticipation within the fanbase that it didn’t really matter who they settled with after attempts to hire Wilson. . it has failed.

Dalton represents the team’s decision to settle for a second (or even third) choice rather than doing whatever it takes to land a future Hall of Famer like Wilson. That doesn’t (and never will) sit well with the fans.

Apparently it doesn’t suit NFL defenders Chris Canty and Rob Ninkovich either. Check out their fiery covers of ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ on Thursday morning:


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