Former NFL general manager says he would cut ties with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

For 10 years, Doug Whaley was the professional staff coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has helped bring in players like Lawrence Timmons and Troy Polamalu and was part of two Super Bowl championships. So when he talks about the Steelers, we listen.

On Monday, Whaley switched to 93.7 The Fan and was asked how he would handle the situation with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his contract. Whaley was low-key but blunt in saying that he would keep the team going without Roethlisberger.

I would personally say ‘Thanks Ben, you are the best, we wouldn’t have two Super Bowl trophies without you, you’ll be a Hall of Famer on the first vote, we’ll play in the Hall of Fame’ when you’re inducted, we’ll have you back to put you on the wall, but thanks for your service, we’ll have to go in a different direction for both of us.

The Steelers are in a tough spot with Roethlisberger, who wants to come back, and his huge contract. Pittsburgh is certainly approaching this as a business decision, and as we’ve seen in the past when it comes to star players, the front office has no qualms about moving forward without them.


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