Former Mossad agent allegedly implicated in Jordan coup: report

Former Mossad agent Roi Shpushnik was allegedly involved in the attempted coup in Jordan, according to reports in Jordan cited by Maariv, the Jerusalem PostSister publication. The former Israeli agent reportedly offered former heir Prince Hamza a plane to escape the kingdom. Early Sunday, Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said Prince Hamza had contacted foreign parties over a plot to destabilize the country. On Saturday, the army said it had issued a warning to the prince about actions aimed at “security and stability” in the key US ally. Prince Hamza later said he was under house arrest. Several prominent figures were also arrested.

“The investigations had monitored interference and communications with foreign parties at the right time to destabilize Jordan,” Safadi said.

These included a foreign intelligence agency that contacted Prince Hamza’s wife to arrange a plane for the couple to leave Jordan, he said.

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