Former MLB player Bret Boone mocks sexual harassment scandals such as & # 39; BS liberal & # 39;


Two more men of power and influence in the media and the entertainment world fell on Wednesday, when NBC fired "Today" host Matt Lauer and Minnesota Public Radio They did the same with Garrison Keillor for the fame of "A Prairie Home Companion". But while their cases, as well as those of the likes of Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore, reflect a moment in which women feel increasingly empowered to open up about incidents of harbadment and badual badault, at least one former MLB the player is not impressed.

In fact, Bret Boone, three times star, believes that everything is a lot of "BS liberals". He expressed his thoughts in a direct exchange of messages with the Seattle Post Intelligencer journalist Stephen Cohen, who tweeted images of Boone's messages.

Boone, 48, who played for the Mariners, Reds, Braves, Padres and Twins, and who had a brief stint in the Nationals organization, joked about being himself a victim.

"I was badually harbaded twice today," he told Cohen. "The Starbucks girl smiled at me and the woman in the rite contest flirted with me"

Boone said he was getting "a lawyer" to combat "unacceptable" behavior, "adding" lol ", as in" laughing out loud " ", To indicate that he was not serious.

Later, Cohen reported that Boone apparently responded to a tweet that the journalist had published expressing consternation in Keillor's story, in which Minnesota Public Radio said he moved to fire the 75- "After recently learning about the accusations of his inappropriate behavior with an individual who worked with him, "after hearing about Boone, Cohen asked him why he" felt it was a good idea to consider badual harbadment in an unsolicited manner. " message to a reporter. "

" Because it's a joke and I have no idea who you are, I do not care. Just sick of all liberal bs and all of a sudden they get offended, "Boone replied." Sorry he bothered you.

"Go back to whatever you do in your PC world, and once again, I apologize if you were offended," Boone continued. "… Definitely you would not be allowed to play golf in my quartet."

Shortly after, Boone sent him a message to Cohen to joke that a "girl" in another store told him to "have a good day". According to the journalist, after seeing his direct messages on Twitter, the former player of the box sent a message to others about Twitter to say that he was "fed up with the bulls-people" and that he was "being real and telling him as he is"

. ] A few hours later, Boone issued a public apology on Twitter. "Everyone, there are no excuses for what I said before, none," he said.

"It was 100% wrong, it was offensive, it was inappropriate, it was not even remotely productive for any talk about harbadment, I apologize and it will never happen again."

Everything, there are no excuses for what I said before. Any. It was 100% wrong. It was offensive. It was inappropriate. It was not even remotely productive for any conversation regarding harbadment. I apologize and it will never happen again.

– Bret Boone (@ theboone29) November 30, 2017

Boone is a native of a prominent baseball family, one reportedly descended from frontier man Daniel Boone. His father Bob Boone, his grandfather Ray Boone and his brother Aaron Boone played in the big leagues, and Bret Boone had a 14-year career that included four Gold Glove and two Silver Slugger prizes.

After a Twitter user with a handle and the avatar of a woman's name and face told Boone that his comments about badual harbadment constituted a "disappointment", and that he had been one of the "Sailors" favorites "of the user, he replied :" I hope you still am. "

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