Former Mexico federal police officer accused of harassing suspects

A former Mexican federal police officer was charged with torturing the suspects during an investigation, authorities confirmed on Friday, Reuters reported.

Carlos Gómez Erita previously oversaw the federal minister of police at the time of the 2014 kidnapping and killed 43 student teachers from Ayotzinpa Rural Teachers College. He has faced an arrest order since March.

Gomez is accused of “possible involvement” in torture and the investigation questioned the forced disappearance of some individuals. The United Nations Human Rights Office has also accused the authorities of torturing dozens of people involved in the investigation.

He has previously denied allegations of atrocities, Reuters reported. He resigned after being identified in a video late last year that showed officers harassing a suspect.

“We hope that … he can also say where the children are and who else is involved in their disappearance,” said Felipe de la Cruz, the father of one of the missing student teachers, Reuters reported.

Investigators found a bone fragment of one of the student teachers in July. Prior to the search, according to the outlet, the remains of just one student teacher were identified by authorities.