Former intelligence chief Hayden criticizes Trump’s CNN tweet: I’ve lost 40 years if this is what we are


Former CIA Director and National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Hayden snatched President Trump on Saturday night for attacking CNN and praising Fox News, calling it "a scandalous badault" on the First Amendment.

"If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have lost 40 years of my life," tweeted Hayden, who led the intelligence under the last three presidents and is a regular contributor to The Hill's opinion section. .

If this is what we are or who we are, we are becoming, I have lost 40 years of my life. Until now it was not possible to conceive a US president capable of such a scandalous badault against the truth, a free press or the first amendment.

– General Michael Hayden (@GenMhayden) November 26, 2017 [19659004] Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to declare that Fox News "is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN," adding that CNN represents the United States poorly for the world.

The network returned his comments to Trump, tweeting that it is his job to represent the US. UU To the world.

Trump has frequently followed CNN since his candidacy for president began. On several occasions he has called it "false news" or "Clinton News Network".

Trump has also shown a preference for Fox, giving the network more than a dozen interviews since taking office.

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