Former ‘I’m a Mac’ actor Justin Long casts shadow on M1 Apple Silicon in new Intel ad campaign

Intel has enlisted the services of former “I’m a Mac” actor, Justin Long, in a series of new announcements in which Apple’s latest custom-built M1 processors are deemed inferior to newer laptops with Intel processors.

Known for his role in Apple’s popular 2000s “Get a Mac” television ad campaign, Long stars in a series of commercials called “Justin Gets Real” on Intel’s YouTube channel, beginning each video by introducing himself as ” … to Justin: a real person who makes a real comparison between Mac and PC. ”

In one ad, Long promotes the flexibility of Windows laptops, specifically the Lenovo Yoga 9i versus a MacBook Pro. In another video, Long meets a PC user playing games on the Intel-powered MSI Gaming Stealth 15M laptop. Core i7. Long then asks for a Mac, before quickly agreeing with the PC user that “no one plays on a Mac.”

Other announcements include Long throwing shadow on behalf of Intel towards the lack of Apple’s touchscreen Macs, the inability to connect more than one external display on the Mac ‌M1‌, and the variety of different options available for Intel-powered laptops.

Intel ran a similar marketing campaign in February with a series of tweets highlighting the “shortcomings” of Apple’s ‌M1‌-powered Macs compared to Intel-powered computers. In November, Apple launched its first Apple Silicon and is expected to fully transition its line from Intel over the next two years.

This isn’t the first time Long has appeared in ad campaigns for Apple’s rivals. In 2017, the actor starred in a series of Huawei commercials promoting the company’s Mate 9 smartphone.


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