Former Green Beret Charged With Throwing A Flagpole At Police During Capitol Riots

A former Army Special Forces soldier was arrested Wednesday and charged with several crimes related to his alleged attacks on Capitol police officers during the January 6 riot, including allegedly throwing a flagpole at an officer.

Jeffrey McKellop is accused of throwing a flagpole with the sharp end forward, like a spear, according to the FBI complaint against McKellop filed by an FBI special agent and reported by Politico.

The complaint says the attack resulted in a laceration to the officer’s face.

The FBI claims McKellop assaulted three additional officers, according to the 27-page complaint.

According to a witness who helped identify him, McKellop was photographed wearing the same helmet and ballistic vest on the day of the insurrection that he was wearing while deployed to a combat zone in 2018. His identity was further confirmed through additional witnesses and his license. of driving. says the complaint.

McKellop is one of more than 30 military veterans charged for his alleged roles in the riot, but he is the first from Special Operations, The Washington Post reported. He served in the Army for 22 years, including an enlistment from 1993 to 2010 during which he served as a Special Forces mechanic and communications sergeant, the Post reported.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Last month he stepped up the army’s efforts to curb extremism in the ranks after reports that almost one in five participants charged in connection with the riots has some kind of military connection.

Greg Hunter and Seth Peritz, believed to be McKellop’s attorneys, did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment.

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