Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dies after battle with coronovirus

Herman Cain, a former presidential hopeful who was once considered by President Donald Trump for the Federal Reserve, has died after being hospitalized with coronovirus. He was 74.

Cain’s death was announced on his website Thursday by Dan Calabres, who edits the site and has previously written about his colleague’s diagnosis.

“Herman Cain – our boss, our friend, like a father to many of us – has passed away,” Calbridge said in a blog post. “We all prayed so hard every day. We knew that the time would come when the Lord would call him home, but we really like him to be here with us, and we hoped that he would recover fully.” “

Caine was one of the highest-profile public figures in the United States, dying of Kovid-19. Two weeks before receiving his diagnosis, Caine attended Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Caine was a business executive and chairman of the board of a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City before moving into Republican politics and eventually becoming the presidential candidate.

Last year, Trump briefly selected Cain as his candidate to join the Federal Reserve Board. Caine remains a vocal supporter of Trump after his nomination was withdrawn.

According to a statement posted on his social media accounts at the time, Cain was told on July 19 after testing positive for Kovid-19 that Cain had been hospitalized in Atlanta.

The statement said that he did not need a respirator when he was checked into the hospital. “Please join us in praying for Mr. Cain, and for everyone who has contracted coronoviruses as well as their families,” it said.

Cain tweeted a picture of himself at Trump’s rally, showing him surrounded by other attendees, none of whom appeared to be wearing masks or other protective gear.

The Trump campaign stated that all attendees at the event had their temperature checked upon entry, and handed over masks and hand sanitizers, but were not required to use. The campaign revealed prior to the incident that six members of the team involved in the preparations for the rally had tested positive for the virus and were released.

On Cain’s hospitalization, the July 2 statement said, “There is no way of ascertaining how or where Mr. Cain contracted the coronovirus.” The Trump campaign said after Cain’s diagnosis that he had not met the president at a Tulsa rally.

Caine, the former CEO of the restaurant chain Godfather Pizza, was no stranger to politics.

He became a player in Republican politics as an economic adviser to Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign before starting his own bid in 2000.

In the 2012 GOP presidential primary session, Cain received media coverage to replace the federal tax code with a 9% business transaction tax, a 9% personal income tax, and 9 with his lucrative “9-9-9” economic plan did. % sales tax. Critics called the plan “questionable” and impractical.

Caine suspended the campaign in December 2011 following several allegations of sexual harassment, dating back to his time as chief executive of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Cain denied the allegations.

Cain’s social media accounts sometimes provided vague updates on her status. On July 5, a message stated that he was “making progress” and “more encouraging news” was expected to arrive soon. Two days later, Caine’s Twitter account said “doctors are trying to make sure his oxygen levels are correct.”

On July 10, another tweet stated that Cain himself described his situation as “cruise control”, as “progress is slow, but his breath is getting stronger every day. Make no mistake: he Is improving! “

The most recent update came on Monday, when Caine’s social media revealed that he was “being treated with oxygen for his lungs” about a month after entering the hospital. “He’s really getting better, meaning it’s working,” the update said.

Cannaberry repeatedly denied CNBC’s requests for additional information on Cain’s condition during his struggle with the virus.

“We are not saying anything other than what we are posting on social media” Calbridge said in a July 7 email. “This is the wish of Hermann and Gloria, so I respect and appreciate you.”

Survivors include his two children, Melanie and Vincent, in addition to his wife Gloria Aitchison, who Kelberry said.

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