Former college football star shot, terrified at dinner after being severely injured in NYC, video shows

Authorities said former college football star Malachi Capers, 20, was shot and seriously injured on Monday as he accidentally bumped into a Queens man.

Rodney Harrison, chief of the New York Police Department’s undercover department, posted about the incident on Twitter on Tuesday, and said the video clearly showed Capers tried to calmly move away from the situation.

“Yesterday afternoon, police officers responded to 136 Daly & Grill on Springfield Blvd. in Queens for a male shot,” Harrison wrote. “As you can see in the video, the perpetrator, identified as Jeffrey Thurston, begins a verbal argument after the victim attempts to walk past him.”

He said, “The 20-year-old victim, identified by police sources as Malachi Capers, shot the shooter who was drinking a drink inside the 136 Daily & Grill at the corner of 136th St. and Springfield Bleed. Laurelton.” I am after 4:30 pm Monday. “

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The video shows Thurston holding Capers in the arm in retaliation. The footage then cuts to Thurston, who is surprised before he sees this cell phone.

After a pause for the door by Thurston, the Capers, who were a defensive end for Buffalo State in 2018, chased as the changes were moved out of the dailies.

Soon after they both ran out, Thurston pulled out a pistol and shot the Capers before fleeing the scene.

Capers was reportedly taken to a Jamaican hospital and is still in critical condition, but is expected to survive, sources told the New York Daily News. The men were considered strangers and had no prior history.

Police are asking the public for assistance in tracking down Thurston. The video shared by Harrison includes a photo of Thurston at the end of the clip.

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