Former Afghanistan commander Stanley McC McClell supports Joe Biden

General Stanley McC Crystal

Kevin Lamarck | Reuters

WASHINGTON – Retired General Stanley McChrist of the military backed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday, saying the nation needed a commander who would be “humble enough to understand they are a servant.”

McHister endorsed, even though in the past there was tension between McHister and Biden.

“I don’t think we need a genius, I don’t think we need a magician, we just need an honest person who is ready to listen. We need someone who takes in information , Surround and lead themselves with talented people. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The four-star general said, “Whatever we choose will make mistakes, it is sure, but the reality is that if we choose for character, if we choose for values, we will be the best.”

McC Crystal described Biden as someone who is “polite enough to listen to experts and who is polite enough to respect and serve people.”

On October 7, 2009, Stanley McC sat in a crystal helicopter after a lengthy conference meeting with military officials.

Paula Bronstein | Getty Image News | Getty Images

Biden and the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Before overseeing all US operations in Afghanistan under the Obama administration, Macch Crystal led the Pentagon’s most secret black ops for five years.

During his military career, McHischer was instrumental to the then Vice President Biden’s foreign policy and national security decisions, which came to light in the 2010 Rolling Stone profile of the war-weary general.

When asked about his policy differences with Obama and Biden, McHistry stated that their relationship was stony at times, but a mutual respect that sparked controversy.

“They didn’t see everything like I did, but in every instance, they heard, in every instance, they thought, in every instance, I thought they were trying to make the best decision based on all the information. He said about Obama and Biden that they have a foundation of values.

In this photo provided by The White House, US President Barack Obama (L) meets with General Stanley McHischer, (L), Commander of the US Forces in Afghanistan on October 2, 2009 on Air Force One in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pete Souza | White House | Getty Images

“I think my desire to support him now should signal to people that there was a respectable relationship then and just how important I think it is to repeat that kind of respectful relationship between senior military and leaders,” McCreaster added Biden.

“I think he will surround himself with an effective team of good people. I think he will set a tone in which he will bring out the best people and again, not everyone agrees with every policy, Anyone will ever, and he will be healthy a democracy, “McChister said of Biden.

When President Donald Trump took office, he selected several prominent retired generals for some of his most senior national security positions. The Republican president has often drawn his top brass, mocking his suggestions and questioning his intelligence and commitment.

Earlier this month, The Atlantic reported that Trump refused to visit an American cemetery near Paris in 2018 and buried American Marines as “losers”. He also reportedly expressed concern that rain would mess up his hair that day.

According to The Atlantic, after canceling a visit to the Eisen-Marne American cemetery, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s full of losers.” The report said that Trump later mentioned more than 1,800 Marines who lost their lives in the Battle of Belleau Wood in France.

The 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood lasted for 20 days and ended with the US Marines successfully finishing the German camps. The Allied victory became a permanent symbol in US Marine Corps history.

Trump has denied the report.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump slammed John McCain, a senior US fighter, for more than five years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

“He’s not a war hero,” Trump said during a town hall in Iowa in 2015 “I like people who weren’t captured.” At the same event, Trump said “I don’t like losing” after talking about McCain losing the 2008 presidential election.


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