Forgotten fortress discovered under the lake not seen for 3,000 years since it was flooded


A forgotten submerged fortress was discovered by a team of archaeologists 3,000 years after being flooded in a lake.

The site of the old building is almost 1km wide and the walls are up to 13 feet high.

It was found by expert divers on Lake Van of Turkey, in the east of the country, near the Iranian border.

The lake did not exist during the time of the Urartu civilization of the Iron Age, which included parts of present-day Turkey, Armenia and Iran and whose people built the castle.

Large ruins of Urartu that precede the lake are also erected around its coasts. the fortress is completely submerged.

The walls of the fortress measure more than 13 feet and have been buried for thousands of years

The divers were discouraged from their expedition by those who said that all the secrets of the lake had already been found [19659008] Read more

National Geographic reported that the fort was found by explorers from Van Yüzüncü Yil University, working with expert divers.

Tahsin Ceylan, head of the diving team, said the explorers were told there was little left to find under the waters of Lake Van.

But they went ahead with local rumors about buried treasures below the surface. [19659012] The castle belonged to the Iron Age. Civilization of Urartian that currently extends Turkey, Armenia and Iran

Ancient ruins are also found on the shores of the lake, which were raised about 3,000 years ago
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