Forget something? Buyers grab last-minute Thanksgiving items at grocery stores


SACRAMENTO – It's Wednesday and you're ready for a day of cooking and cooking Thanksgiving … or is it? You forgot something?

Buyers we talked to outside of Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op and Raley were out and about getting stuffed, bread and even turkeys.

Devan Rappleye arrived at Raley & # 39; s on Howe Avenue before 9 am this morning to beat the crowd. She is not too worried about buying all her last-minute Thanksgiving purchases because she only cooks for five.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op marketing director Jennifer Cliff says it's definitely the busiest day of the year for op, but they embrace excitement.

"It's been wonderful, it's been very busy, really busy, but that's what we expected and for that we were prepared," Cliff said. "People have been in a wonderful mood, everyone is ready, it's a really good feeling this year."

Juan Acosta came to do his entire list on Wednesday, including Turkey, but he refuses to call it last-minute shopping. [19659003"NotthelasttimeNosomostofthelastmonthwe'regoingtobethenext"saidAcosta

He says he enjoys the experience and does not feel that the crowds are overwhelming. He is ready to start cooking.

"We are already preparing, we have things in the Crock Pot that are already cooking while we are talking," Acosta said. So yes, we are preparing. "

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