Ford Motor Company announced that it will discontinue the Fiesta subcompact car, the Fusion mid-size sedan and the full-size Taurus car in the US. UU

Ford families drive Ford. Chevrolet families drive Chevys. And they often refuse to change.

Ford's decision to cut almost its entire line of automobiles, leaving only the iconic Mustang in its current form, leaves many in a quandary. If the Fiesta, Fusion and Taurus are gone, and the Focus becomes a crossover called Focus Active, now what?

A loyalist plans to stay at Ford even though his car, a Taurus, is being discontinued.

I'm not going to turn my back on Ford, "says Charles Washington, a heavy equipment repairman in Los Angeles who owns a 2013 Taurus SHO model." I feel like they will bring something else to the table, but they have to keep going. I understand "

Many Ford fans express consternation.

" Ford is beside himself for killing Fusion. Incredible! "A resident of Jacksonville said on Twitter.

"I love my @Ford Fusion and if I could, I would only buy Fusions for the rest of my life," said a Minnesota resident tweeted .

"Ford's problem is that they need to design a car that people really want to drive," another person said .

Will owners who are loyal to competing brands change? Despite an 11% decrease in passenger car sales in 2017, Americans buy several million new cars every year.

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More: Ford abandons sedans for bigger, faster [19659008] Here are the three non-Ford sales leaders of 2017 in the small car, sedan categories medium and large cars:

Small cars

1. Hyundai Accent . This little car has seen better days. You are more likely to find it in a rental parking lot than in your neighbor's driveway. But technically he was the best seller in the subcompact category in 2017.

Sales for 2017 : 58,955

2. Honda Fit . Honda does not give up in this category. In fact, the company announced on Friday that the Honda 2019 adjustment would have the same initial price as the previous model: $ 16,190. You'll have to know how to drive a lever change at that price.

Sales for 2017 : 49,454

3. Chevrolet Sonic : There are rumors that General Motors is about to withdraw the Sonic. The Sonic debuted in political fanfare shortly after the 2009 federal car bailout and GM bankruptcy. The car was hailed as a sign of the preservation of American manufacturing since its production was in a revitalized factory in Michigan.

Sales 2017 : 30,290

Middle Sedan

1. Toyota Camry This unconditional member of the Toyota lineup is not going anywhere, Toyota debuted with the Camry redesigned at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, and sales have been strong. downward trend of the segment.

Sales for 2017 : 387.081

2. Honda Accord . This vehicle won the North America 2018 Car of the Year award after its redesign. To maintain the resale values, Honda keeps the discounts low. You may have to pay a little more, but it is likely that the Agreement retains brand equity.

Sales for 2017 : 322.655

3. Nissan Altima : The Altima could not escape the industry-wide decline of mid-size car sales in 2017. A redesign unveiled at the New York Auto Show in March 2018 gave the car new energy and attractive.

Sales 2017 : 254.996

Full-size cars

1. Chevrolet Impala : This car got good reviews when it was redesigned a few years ago. GM may consider ending the long-term identification plate in the midst of a large drop in sales.

Sales for 2017 : 75,877

2. Nissan Maxima : if you need a reliable full-size car, it's hard to make mistakes here, but it does not have the prestige of the brand of the smallest Altima.

Sales for 2017 : 67,627

3. Chrysler 300 : this is one of the only models of automobiles manufactured in large volumes by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Recently it obtained some new features, but it is pending a total redesign.

Sales for 2017 : 51,237

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