Ford Mustang Stinger is Korean muscle car

We’re not expecting to see anyone going through the trouble of fitting the front end of the Kia Stinger for the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 – hey, this rendering did it, so you don’t have to. And we can thank Brad Alderman of the Noz Swap Nation Facebook Group for giggles.

However, there are also aficados who would love to see the South Korean automotive manufacturer with an old-school, four-door coupe with a two-door coup, which is the Stinger. So, is it possible?

Keep in mind that Kia’s sister company, Hyundai, not only offered the Genesis Coupe between 2008 and 2016, but also challenged the Mustang in its marketing efforts, even though it never set expectations around the V8 range-topper Arrived.

However, there are several reports about the company’s premium sub-brand Genesis, which is preparing to introduce a larger coupe next year.

As a Kia, we can see the carmaker offering a coupe in all-electric form. For one, in 2018, Peter Schreier, the man behind the styling of the original Audi TT, who then headed Kia’s design department (he was replaced by Karim Habib in September last year), noted that The company can come with a two door EV.

After all, electric vehicles need all the help they can get in terms of creating emotion, such a path should come naturally.

And while crossovers and SUVs are priorities, we have to remind you that Kia’s Plan S business strategy, which was announced back in January, is set to see the automaker no less than 11 all-electric vehicles by the end of 2025 Will introduce various solutions such as charging-related efforts for such machines.


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