Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive Experience

We got a chance to test out the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and we’re bringing you our first-drive impressions of the electric vehicle.

In short, we think it offers a full electric CUV experience.

Last weekend, Ford took a loan Electrek Pre-construction Mustang Mach-E so we can get our first few driving hours inside a highly anticipated electric vehicle that is just being delivered to dealerships in the US.

We plan to do a full review of Mach-E next month when we get the opportunity to spend more time in the vehicle, but for now, we wanted to bring you our first impression after spending the weekend with it.

You can watch the first drive video review below, and read some additional thoughts on my first experience with the vehicle:

Ford Mustang Mach-E Exterior

I am a big fan of exterior design work on Mach-E. Ford loaned us the Mach-E in “Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat” and it stood out:

The lines on the hood are extremely clear, and this is something you can see especially from the driver’s seat.

Along with the front end, it gives the Mach-E a very aggressive look, and you can see the Mustang despite the fact that it comes in a compact SUV form factor.

Ford Mustang MC-E Interior

The skateboard battery platform and glass roof help give the Mach-E a spacious interior.

Inside, we can see that Ford probably got some inspiration from Tesla and built the user experience around a large center display.

There is also a very small instrument cluster in front of the driver’s seat.

Overall, I appreciate the interior of Mach-E. Ford is going in the right direction by building a user experience around a display that can receive software updates.

The display is responsive, and while the embedded volume dial on the display may seem artificial at first, people enjoy a physical dial for volume control.

The dial also matches the transmission dial on the center console.

However, I think there are a lot of improvements that can be applied to things in the user interface, especially making the UI more intuitive. I think I’ve been looking at myself for a long time, I need some common settings.

Here is a series of pictures of various settings on the Mustang Mach-e Center display:

As for the space inside the car, it is definitely on the short side for an SUV, but I am 6 feet tall and can comfortably sit both front and rear.

The trunk is also quite spacious and I could easily fit four tires in the back.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Driving Experience

The seating position feels like a small SUV while driving. You get a high point of view, but the driving experience is still enjoyable, thanks to the low center of gravity that the large battery pack provides.

I could only travel a few hundred kilometers with Mach-E in no time, but I enjoyed the experience.

The ride is smooth, but the car can still enable some spirited driving in “diffuse” mode, thanks to the power dual motor powertrain.

One thing that impressed me a lot with the Mach-E is the pedal driving option. The animals were driving the car before I deactivated it, and I couldn’t feel much regenerative braking.

After looking at the settings and reactivating the one-pedal driving, I was impressed.

The Reagan is strong and Ford’s braking system allows you to easily come to a complete halt for a true one-pedal driving experience.

While this can be achieved in other EVs, in my experience, you will often have to brake for a full full stop until you want to make a California stop or crawl a full stop.

Ford’s one-paddle driving is the smoothest I’ve tried so far.

In terms of efficiency, yes, this Tesla is not efficient, but I was impressed with the range and efficiency of the display.

Over 3,000 km that was put on this pre-production unit, it achieved an efficiency of 26 kWh per 100 km.

It is 419 which is per mile, but it was also using winter tires and many times under some difficult conditions.

My last journey was 27 km and mostly at 10C on un-road and it still achieved a speed of 31 km per 100 km:

I think there is room for improvement here, especially as Ford keeps a huge 10 kWh buffer on the extended range battery pack (88 kWh usable for 98 kWh).

Here are some main specimens of various Mustang Mach-e trims:

Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive Conclusion

Again, this is not a complete review. To spend more time with this we should do a full review next month. We have to look at the overall ownership experience, from long distance driving and charging to day-to-day utility.

There are some questions about the experience of long distance travel relying on third-party charging networks that need to be answered.

But for now, I’m basically impressed with the first all-electric car Ford has produced from the ground up.

You get a very compact compact SUV that is just electric and mustang.

I think there is a lot of hope for Ford in this electric transition.

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