Ford Mustang driver donuts in empty parking lot

Despite the fact that there are fewer car programs this year, Ford Mustang owners continue to find ways to justify their tarnished reputation. Even when an actual mustang-owning adult is with a camera, some mustang drivers simply do not find.

“That’s why Mustangs get a bad rep,” wrote Brandon Calderon, who sounds like a responsible Mustang owner. (They exist regardless of what the Internet has to say.) “Last night one of my favs went to the parking garage for rollers and photos when my girl suddenly showed up with a 5.0 with a friend and started doing donuts. Does. ”

Calandaran kept his camera rolling while the other Mustangs were rotating, and you can probably guess what happened next.

As we can see, the shiny spinning masten that connects with the calderone on the empty roof still has a huge empty space for itself. No rush There is another car path in the distance, but that is a patch of pavement with no parked cars selected. It is the wide-open roof of the parking garage next to an apartment building and some other towers in the middle of civilization are smack-dab. (A classic known as “that man”.)

Despite all that space, there is one thing that did not account for our interpedun: light poles. The orange mustang driver simply could not change in time when he went to switch directions.

I think some of the pieces on the V8 up front are now very rough in shape.

Look, crashed Mustang driver, you have to stop feeding this stereotype. Fellow owners also call you out. We care You are going to hurt yourself, your cars and others with such nonsense. Find a safe, suitable place to rip hella sweet donuts and take out the tail if necessary. Skid pad. Flow of events. Places that allow you (and encourage!) Bend and away from light poles and ignore the audience. Do not do this publicly on shared streets and parking lots. Stop getting a wrecked car. Maybe someday you let the hell dwellers take their place in shame.

We all keep shouting it in the void. Please listen, Mustang Driver. Please!

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