Ford makes space for a new autonomous vehicle, moving EV production to Mexico

Just a few months after Ford canceled its plans to build a plant in Mexico and not move part of the production of vehicles south of the border, the automaker says it plans to change the future production of a Michigan electric vehicle to Mexico.

For now, Ford does not disclose many details about the autonomous driving vehicle he plans to build in Michigan, except that it will have a performance and commercial-grade durability.

"While others are focusing on the AV's for walks, our business model will be much more diverse," said Farley. "We will move people and goods." [19659003] A Earlier this year, Ford announced a partnership with Domino's Pizza to develop self-directed cars to deliver pizzas to customers.Farley says the automaker will announce more business partners in the coming months.

The automaker says that will invest an additional $ 200 million and the addition of another 150 jobs, since it converts the Flat Rock assembly plant into a center for autonomous development and production of vehicles.

While additional jobs and investments are good news in Michigan, it remains to be seen if going to Mexico will provoke the wrath of President Donald Trump.

While campaigning in 2016, Trump repeatedly criticized Ford for its plan to open a small automobile assembly plant in Mexico. The constant attacks and promises to force Ford, as well as other automakers, to move production to the United States, were part of Trump's appeal to voters in the Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

After Trump was elected, Ford canceled its plans to build a new assembly plant in Mexico and then said it would cancel plans to move production from the Lincoln MKC crossover utility vehicle from Louisville to Mexico.

Farley declined to comment on whether Ford's decision to change production would be good for the president: "This is not compensation, we are hiring and investing in the US," he said.

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