Ford casts a shadow on quality at Tesla, calling its electric vehicles a ‘compromise’

The head of Ford’s electrification effort casts some serious shadow over Tesla over quality issues and promises that you won’t have to compromise with Ford’s electric vehicles.

Darren Palmer, one of the original members of Ford’s Edison team, was tasked with designing the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, and now Ford and Lincoln’s head of battery-electric vehicle development made some interesting comments in a new interview.

In an interview with Autoblog in the margin of the launch of Mustang Mach-E, Palmer said that electric vehicle buyers had to compromise and accept some “flaws” until now.

he said:

“The doors fit properly, the plastic and other materials color-match, the bumper does not close, the roof does not close when you wash it, the door handles do not get stuck in cold weather. …”

Although the executive did not mention Tesla by name, many of those quality issues have often been associated with the brand.

He says buyers will not have to make these “compromises” with Ford’s electric vehicles.

Electrac’s tech

It would be easier to react with just a “yes, but” and Tesla would list all those things compared to Ford when it comes to electric vehicles because there are so many.

Tesla vehicles have a longer range, can charge faster, and are more efficient than Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E.

But Palmer also has a meaning here. If we can know that he is talking about Tesla without even naming it and just listing a list of quality issues that we are associating with the brand, it suggests that Tesla will have There are some quality issues.

Tesla’s high speed has led to some quality problems and we’ve seen especially those who launched new vehicle launches with the Model Y in 2020, and during Tesla’s end-of-quarters The automaker tries to deliver the car in large numbers. For a short time.

The automaker should definitely work on that, but at the same time, it’s also the fast pace that drives innovation and as a result Tesla is getting leading specs in the industry with its EV, especially when it comes to efficiency and range It comes.

Some people will always prefer that while others prefer to go with Ford and potentially avoid those quality issues.

I think the two companies should look at each other to improve here and I am excited to increase the capacity of the new EV competition to advance the overall quality of the new power.

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