Ford Bronco Reports 230,000 Reservations Far:

Earlier this month, Ford revealed the 2021 Bronco for a tidal wave of positive reception. The automaker also opened to reservations for $ 100 a pop that night, and a new report suggests that Ford may have a major hit on its hand. Says Ford has taken advantage of about 230,000 Bronco reservations.

The post comes from one of the forum’s administrators citing “one of our trusted sources”. We do not know the specific number of reservations that will need to be changed to actual sales this December, but this is in line with Ford’s other comments. This week, a Ford spokesman reported Car and driver Some reservation holders may not receive their Bronco until 2022, 18 months before today.

Ford plans to begin production of Bronco next spring, with the first delivery starting in June 2021. If Ford says that some customers have to wait months after production starts to get Bronco, then the 230,000 reservation claim seems correct. Ford claimed reservations for limited productions. The first edition models sold out within hours. Ford had to double production to 7,000 units to meet demand.

The Bronco will compete with the Jeep Wrangler, which saw sales north of 225,000 in 2018 and 2019. The Bronco will come in two- and four-door configurations, with plenty of aftermarket parts available from the factory after launch. While reservation holders were able to illuminate a venue for only $ 100, the MSRP is much higher. The starting price for the two-door is $ 28,500, while the four-door starts at $ 33,200. Nor is the $ 1,495 destination fee added. Those who snagged the first-edition model will shell out $ 48,875 for the two-door and $ 51,370 for the four-door model.

If you are impatient to do anything for Bronco, but do not want to wait, then you can opt for Bronco Sport. The 230,000 Bronco Reservation excludes Bronco Sport. Reservation holders are expected to order this summer before delivery begins before the end of the year. It is better than waiting until 2022.

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