For the first time, I actually have a QB

TAMPA, Fla. – The New Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Leonard Fournette on Tuesday, saying that after facing the stack box every Sunday with the Jacksonville Jaguars, he is hoping to not be the focal point of the offense, including the six-time Super Bowl winner. Has Tom Brady as its quarterback.

“For the first time in my life, I actually have a quarterback, so it’s an eye opener for me. There’s not going to be a lot of pressure on me,” said Fournette, who plays with Blake Bortles, Nick Poole and Gardner Was. Minju in the last three seasons.

“Arriving in Tampa made me truly aware. I felt like they had all the keys I needed and vice versa. I can help the team as well as they can help me. I think This is probably one of my first seasons probably running at six — the value box. … I made sure to have all the ideas about my coming here. ”

With a carousel of quarterbacks in the last three seasons, Jacksonville built their offense on the ground. From 2011 to 2019, Fournette had to00 touches – the fifth in any running in the league – in 2011, despite playing only eight matches.

Although Fournette saw teams box against him less frequently and DJ Chark emerged as a Pro Bowl receiver, Fournette accounted for 47.8% of his snaps in 2017, 39.1% in 2018, and 34.7% in 2019, according to NFL Next General Statistics. Saw the box. .

Last season, one of the NFL’s highest-rushing strikes, with a league-high 4,845 passing yards but an inconsistent ground game, saw a loaded box at just 21.5% of snacks last year – the third-lowest NFL.

Fournette will not only be the focal point of the Bucs’ offense, he will not be the feature back, with coach Bruce Arians saying last week that Ronald Jones will remain the starter, with LeSean McCoy listed at number two on the depth chart. .

How does Fournette, the No. 4 draft pick in 2017, feel about running into a situation where he is not a boy?

“Everything is handling itself,” Fournette said. “My job is to get out of here and do the best I can with what I can. Get in the playbook, understand what they want from me, and everyone else will take care of themselves.”

“We have people – Shady, Rojo, others out there – I’m comfortable with my role right now. I don’t have to get beaten up every week. We can split the carry, which is going to be a great help.” Finally our bodies when we are trying to make that run, whatever it is, playoffs or whatever the case may be, I’m fine with my role right now. ”

Asked why things didn’t happen in Jacksonville, Fournette said, “I don’t know. Time changes everything. I’m moving past that. I had a great time. I’ve had one with a lot of coaches Made a bond. Some of the players – who are my brothers for life, and some of the coaches I’ve had relationships with – made things happen. I think it wasn’t God’s plan – God had other things for me. … I’m moving on from it.

For his new team, Fournette will have to get up early, but Arians said he will have a “solid role” on Sunday at the New Orleans Saints, the first chance of the former LSU star to play in the Superdome.

While the Bucs’ offense – along with Professor Bollers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, OJ Howard and Cam Brett – certainly had a major role in Fournette in choosing Tampa Bay, former LSU team player Devin White, drafted the Bucs 5 in Pick No 2019, may have the biggest role in recruiting him.

When White was a freshman, Fournette was used to make whitetails with him at 6:30 in the morning. Fournette said that things have now come “full-cycle”.

“Devin Facetimed I really liked and was like, ‘Dude, whatch got doo do?'” Fournette said. “I like, ‘Man, there are so many teams right now. It’s tough right now.” I felt that my heart was needed in Tampa – like being around a lot of people, and being around Devin as well. ”

Fournette already got a head start on the playbook over the weekend by meeting with Brady.

“He will have a solid role in this plan. He is a very bright man. He picked it up very early today. Obviously he can’t do everything, but he will have a solid role in the week plan.” Arian said.

Instead of chirping him in a role, Arian believes it is up to Fournette to create opportunities for himself, though helping in the passing game – not a strength for Jones – is where he shines. It is possible.

Arian said, “He’s a big, strong back who can really hold – all he can do – he can defend, he’s a big third-down back and he’s been a solid guy in the league. It just gives us another weapon, ”Arion said. .

“The beauty of it is that he no longer has to learn the playbook – he just has to learn the game plan. That’s one third of the playbook. So if he studies the game plan this week, he should know it. By Friday. ”