For McConnell, the failure of medical care was a map for fiscal success –

For McConnell, the failure of medical care was a map for fiscal success


"We had endless meetings to make everyone feel comfortable with the substance," said Mr. McConnell. "That was a stark contrast to many of the meetings we had on medical care."

Some senators who would need attention were obvious from the health care debate, including Mr. McCain, Ms. Collins, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. And others, like Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona, had alerted from the beginning about the deficit.

Mr. McConnell consulted regularly with Mr. Trump about the influence he could exert on undecided members or on whom he should move away, as the case may be.

"We talk a lot about that," McConnell said of his dealings with the president. "There were some members who doubted that it was useful and others who would not have been useful."

Mr. Johnson, who complained that the bill dismissed small businesses, was one of those who caught Mr. Trump's attention, who called him by name during a private meeting last Tuesday not to reduce the bill.

Mr. McCain was a special case, given his stature and because he had overthrown the repeal of medical care with his complaints that the Senate had not followed a "regular order" in developing and debating the bill. His fellow Republicans strove to keep him updated on the committee's consideration and review of the bill and argue that a strong economy contributed to the strong US stance internationally.

Potential abstentionist senators were able to revoke concessions while leaders scrambled to push for pbadage of legislation, a result that Mr. McConnell attributed to his skilful use of his influence. In the end, only one of them, Mr. Corker, removed the final vote from 51 to 49.

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Mr. McConnell acknowledged that some Americans would see their taxes rise according to the proposal and said it was impossible to make such a comprehensive review without someone paying more.

Despite projections, the legislation could cost the government $ 1.5 billion, insisting that it would not eventually increase or even reduce deficits due to the economic expansion it expects it to generate.

"We are quite confident that this will make the country reach a higher growth rate, which will improve wages because the demand for employees will go and improve government revenues as well, which means that the deficit will be reduced", He said.

Mr. McConnell hopes that negotiations between the House and the Senate will resolve the differences between his two measures to move quickly and meet the goal of delivering a measure to the president before Christmas.

Obtaining the fiscal victory was important not only for the Republicans as a whole, but also for Mr. McConnell personally. He has been criticized by conservative activists for failing to comply with Trump's agenda and has also faced questions about whether he could go beyond his well-known reputation and won by blocking the Democratic legislative agenda and becoming a force for legislative success. . 19659014] Mr. McConnell said the combination of the tax bill and his record of conservative judicial candidates that he sees as changes in federal courts for a generation should put those complaints to bed.

"It would be difficult to argue that it is not a significant year achievement," he said.

The way in which the republican plan resonates politically could depend on how quickly the benefits of the tax law are realized, if there are broad benefits that can be had.

Democrats united against the legislation and are preparing to attack it in the coming months as a reckless gift for the rich that was forced through party lines and that recently for the middle clbad voters that Mr. Trump promised they would be the main beneficiaries of his mandate.

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If the predicted economic gains for companies and individuals do not materialize, Republicans could pay a high price, a fact that is not lost on Mr. McConnell, who expects to see signs of accelerated growth soon.

"Obviously, I hope none of this will happen before November 2018," McConnell said of the Democrats. "And, obviously, we hope the signs are there before."

"We would love it to happen sooner rather than later," McConnell said with an ironic laugh.

For McConnell and the Republicans, the clock keeps running as they approach one of their long-sought achievements.

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