For $ 6.99 per month, Google will send you prints of your 10 best photos, as selected by AI

If you are someone who does not print any photos you take with your smartphone, then Google might have a good solution. For $ 6.99 a month, it will automatically select your 10 best photos to use machine learning and send the right print to your door.

The company announced the service today, which it began testing earlier this year. There does not seem to be any difference between the trial and the newly announced “premium print series”, which will be available “in the coming weeks”, but Google has at least dropped a dollar from the monthly price. This is good, although you are still paying extra for the convenience of having your photos selected and mailed to you.

For the testing service, Google allowed customers to instruct the algorithm, stating that “people and pets,” prioritize “scenarios” or simply send “a little bit of everything”. It is unclear whether those options are still available, but we will update this story when there is more information. Google also does not say what size the prints are, but its suggestion that the photos be used as postcards suggests that it affixed to the same 4 x 6-inch size used in the test Has happened.

Google’s monthly photos are printed on cardstock, which the tech giants say is perfect for using them as postcards.
Picture: Google

Users will have some options for their monthly deliveries, however. “To control what photos you get and how they look, you can edit your photo selection, choose a matte or glossy finish each month, or have one before you ship your photos. Can add a border. You can easily skip a month or cancel the service, ”Google said in a blog post.

In addition to the announcement of the premium print series, Google is also adding Walgreens to its same-day printing service (along with CVS and Walmart). This allows anyone using Google Photos to print and order from the app. Google says the addition of Walgreens locations “almost doubled the total number of prints available on the same day.” The company also offers canvas prints and photo books.

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