For $ 3,500, is this 1999 Porsche Boxster a hot deal?

Good price or no diceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

They say that there is no such thing as a cheap Porsche and still is today Good price or no dice The Boxster is … a cheap Porsche. Can its low price make it an easy onramp? For Porsche Ownership Heyr it is A rock road to future expenses?

Path plied by yesterday 1979 Ford F-250 Was definitely an interesting one. On one hand, there were a lot of comments praising both eras, of which the truck hauled in and the overall imagination and status of the big longo. On the other hand, he was $ 14,500 asking price, reduced at 56 percent no dice loss. While the synergy of accolades and passing may not have aligned, it is expected that the quieter truck will still get a new owner.

Speaking of new owners, Many of you know I am Recently acquired an old Porsche Boxster and am in the process of expanding Happiness And Gum Ownership to share with all of you.

My experience may very well be that one or more of you take a “Porsche Dip” and get your own reasonably wrench-capable sports car from a German automaker. If you’re that bent, it’s probably 1999 Porsche Boxster A good place to start. It definitely seems the cheapest.

This black color ad above Savannah Beg is lighter on details, though it does provide some salient information. The photos also tell a story. Here is what the seller gave in the description of the car:

175K mi.


In very decent shape.

Runs and drives real great.

Looks fine

Custom exhaust.

The top works manually. There is no electricity.

True pride for fast sales.

Clean title in hand.

Okay, so first, we found out that the car is 175,000 miles down the road. This is a good section of the 986’s road and may surprise you about suspension consumables and the condition like this. Perhaps to allay those concerns a bit, the seller notes that the car “drives and runs real great.” Not just great but “real great”.

On the downside, the seller dons the aesthetics of the car, stating that it is just fine. Pixes endure on the outside, especially when we come to the interior. On the outside, there are some obvious defects. They lack some paint chips and dents as well as both intake grills and front side-marker lights.

The car later has 996 headlamps with more subtly colored turn signal lenses. Some people like it very much. Rear boot lid wears Porsche badges as expected Boxster Script. The factory twist looks in decent shape, but there is no mention of how much life is left in the tires.

Above, the convertible roof remains intact, even if with a rear window. This is very common on these cars. Less common is the failure of the electric top mechanism, which is good because it is an expensive repair. One who has failed on this car and needs a male (or female) muscle to put up or down.

Lowering the top reveals an interior that has seen better days. Seat upholstery is torn and broken on both sides, showing Foam padding in places and pocket change-swallowing gaps in others. The rest of the interior needs serious and deep cleaning, but at least remains intact. The rubber trim seems likewise to hold its own.

Other things to note here are what are described as “custom exhaust” and the seller’s claims of the car’s six-speed transmission. We don’t get to see anything of that exhaust other than the two-tip exhaust under the rear license plate, but hopefully, the optimization still retains all catalysts.S as six speed: UAs long as it has had a replacement gearbox Later boxster S, the only way this can happen is if you count reverse then there can be many cogs.

A quick VIN check reveals that it is not a Boxster S and that it has a 201-horsepower 2.5-liter pancake six under its now-manual roof. For those with their knickers in a twist on the infamous IMS bearing issue, you can relax. The failure rate at 2.5 was about 1 percent, and if the engine of this car was about to blow, it would have done so long before it reached 175,000 miles.

The car’s title is clear, and in fact, we actually get to see it in one of the pictures in the advertisement. That’s a good thing From other pictures, we can see that registration came in December and the car is still wearing its 2020 tag. This may indicate an old snapshot, or it may just be that the seller simply does not want to resell a car that is for sale. Whatever the reason, it will need 2021 Tags and – if you live in California, where this car is located – a smog test to get them.

The car will cost you $ 3,500 before all the registration rigmarole, and it makes about the cheapest walking and driving (real great, remember) Porsche Boxster in the country. Does this sound like a deal?

What do you think it is worn, but the boxer is not worn enough to fall? Or, is it really so cheap given how much more expense would be required to make it right?

You decide!

Sacramento, California, Craigslist, or go here If the advertisement disappears.

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