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Antoine Griezmann has described Atlético de Madrid's response to Barcelona as a "penalty".

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Griezmann, who revealed his intention to leave on May 14, said at his first press conference in Barcelona that his previous side must "accept" the agreement.

"With respect to Atlético, it's a shame, I went to see them on purpose so they would not be caught off guard and could prepare for the future," he said at Camp Nou.

"We reached an agreement, but finally it changed, that's the way it is, you have to accept it."

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Griezmann's movement comes 12 months after he released a documentary in which he revealed that he would stay at Atlético and avoid a change to Barcelona.

When asked if the new video of teammates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez could be upset, he said: "Maybe, we'll see when I have the opportunity to meet them, everything can be arranged with badists in the field."

He added: "What makes me happiest is being able to share a dressing room and a roommate. [a South American drink] with Messi.

"I'm really happy, he's the No. 1 and a reference for all the players, in the NBA you have LeBron James, you have Messi in football, he's going to be a legend for my children and their children. " play with him ".

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