Following the legal threat, Fox aired the news package rejecting claims of electoral fraud by its own hosts

After the voting technology company Smartmatic sent a horrifying legal threat to Fox News, accusing the network of participating in a “disruptive campaign”, the network has started airing a notable news package, claiming that Its hosts and guests have campaigned.
The package first aired on Low Dob’s show on Friday night. Fox news said Same package Maria Bartiromo’s show will air alongside Jeanine Piro’s program as well as airing Sunday morning Saturday night. The three hosts, who use their platforms to campaign for Trump supporters, are close with the president.

The surprise news package featured an interview with voting technology expert Eddie Peres, who poured cold water on a series of conspiracy theories promoted and promoted on Dob, Piro and Bartiromo’s shows.

Perez said, for example, that he saw no evidence that Smartmatic software was used to manipulate the election, or that there was a direct connection between the company and liberal philanthropist billionaire George Soros.

As Trump continues to attack the integrity of the voting system, some of his colleagues have worked on Smartmatic as it provides Los Angeles County for the 2020 election.

The baseless conspiracy theories asserted about Smartmatic, which pushed against the Dominion voting system, falsely suggest that the company’s technology allowed the November vote to be rigged against Trump.

Some strains of conspiracy theory have aimed to reunite the company with Soros and the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

Smartmatic’s attorney Eric Connolly quoted the surgical news package Fox asked for comment, telling CNN, “We cannot comment due to potential litigation.” A Fox News spokesperson referred CNN back to the section and made no further comment.

In its legal notice to Fox News issued on December 10, Smartmatic identified several instances, including conspiracy theories cited by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani or Trump’s former lawyer attorney Sydney Powell. The legal notice, which contained claims made about Chavez and Soros, has no truth, has also identified instances in which Dobbs and Bartiromo helped spread false information.

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Perez, who has a history providing insight to news agencies, told CNN Saturday afternoon that the interview process with Fox was unusual. Perez said, for example, that the network would not tell him which show would be on air and that he found that the interview was not conducted by an on-air reporter or host.

“I was never told that the content would be for Mr. Dobbs’ show,” Perez told CNN. “And my response was to see that many others have such strange and unique ways that the way the facts were presented was special.”

“I am not accustomed to seeing very straight forward factual evidence to Lou Dobbs,” said Perez.

“I think my main reaction was one of surprise and to think to myself that it was very interesting to see how the interview ultimately played out because I didn’t expect that to be a story of nature,” Perez said.

Perez also said that before the interview he was not made aware that the questions would be entirely focused on Smartmatic.

“There was nothing in any of the initial conversations with Fox News that gave me any indication that Smartmatic would be the subject of conversation,” said Perez. “It was never mentioned that it was going to be a discussion about claims about smartmatic or private vendors. I was expecting a wider discussion about the debate about elections, election integrity, etc.” ”

Fox went on to describe the coverage of the election, with Perez saying that its on-air talent alleged that “it is speculative and not really grounded, many of which raise public confidence in the validity of the election results” Are harmful to us. ”

But Perez thanked for bringing the facts to the Fox audience in an unfiltered manner.

“I felt that talking to Fox News is important,” Perez told CNN, “if anything it is potentially important to speak the facts to their viewers because Fox News has a lot of consumers who are skeptical about the election. “


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