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A group of prominent conservative doctors who misinformed about Kovid-19 vaccines are facing increasing fire from medical experts regarding its serious scientific basis, while its leader, Drs. Simone Gold was charged earlier this week for taking part in a 6-year assault on the Capitol.

Gold, who founded America’s Frontline Doctors last spring with the help of the Tea Party Patriots organization, was arrested in Beverly Hills on Monday, where she lives, and faces charges of a prohibited building, violent penetration and disorderly conduct is.

Prior to the arrest, a headshot of Gould holding a bullhorn, which he used to talk inside the Capitol, appeared on an FBI flight, “seeking information” about the suspects in the Capitol attack was doing. Gold first admitted his presence at the Capitol after a video surfaced inside the Capitol and “regretted” the Washington Post.

Last May, Gould’s group quickly gained attention as several affiliated writing organizations, including the Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks Foundation, which have done a good job of attacking state lockdowns and reducing epidemic risks. Started funded campaign.

Gould and his fleeing group lead Dr. Anthony Fauci and other national experts on the epidemic attacked the advocacy policies, and he promoted misinformation at rallies in Los Angeles and Washington and writing at media outlets owned by Salem Radio and Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

Gould’s mission includes tearing down the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, a Coney-19 treatment that Donald Trump poses a serious health risk, and suggesting that the mental health effects of the lockdown are more damaging than the Kovid-19 virus .

Last July, Gold delivered his message at a well-publicized rally organized by the group’s Supreme Court, which was attended by around 10 doctors, including two ophthalmologists. Gould, who was working in two hospitals before the rally, was later fired and quickly tapped conservative lawyer and Trump aide Lynn Wood to represent him.

Read Peter Stone’s report here: ‘Willful ignorance’: doctor involved in capital attack condemns Kovid’s lies


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