Foldable iPhone under development as Apple orders potentially foldable display from Samsung

While Samsung and Motorola’s competition has already started in the foldable smartphone industry, Apple is lagging far behind. This is due to the fact that Samsung and Motorola have now released their second generation foldable smartphones, while Apple is still nowhere in the race. However, it is not as if the company is silent on the situation as it filed a patent related to a foldable iPhone.

Apple orders new batch of foldable display from Samsung – foldable iPhone soon?

A popular leakster, Ice Universe revealed on Weibo that Apple has ordered a foldable display from Samsung. If this news becomes anything, we can assume that the Cupertino giant is actually working on a foldable phone. Leicester suggests that Apple has ordered a “large number” of foldable displays from Samsung for testing purposes. The displays are samples that Apple will use in their mobile phones. He also says that Samsung will provide Apple with a foldable display for a year.

No iPad mini 6 will arrive this year, or in 2021, according to Tipster

Ice Universe explains that Apple is beginning the development of a foldable iPhone. Samsung sent samples of its foldable screens to several manufacturers last year, urging them to begin development of the foldable device. If it succeeds, the company will start receiving more orders. If we’re going by the tipster’s words, Apple wants to invest in the research and development of a potentially foldable iPhone, ordering a new batch of foldable displays.

Foldable iPhone displays Samsung

Samsung is one of the major display providers for Apple and it would not be wrong to say that the company will get a boat load of orders for foldable iPhones if the company decides to go ahead with the idea. The report is the first major indication that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone and may release it as soon as next year.

A foldable iPhone will mark the biggest design shift for the smartphone since its initial debut. Although, the details so far are very few, we will let you know as soon as we have more related news. What do you think about a foldable iPhone? Tell us in the comments.