Fog of nurses hires COVID-infected medical workers after North Dakota

In a hospital in North Dakota, nurses are being forced to test patients for malignant coronaviruses with only a surgical mask. And across the state, scores of nurses are working several nights in a row, fearing to speak as North Dakota is experiencing a rapid coronovirus spike that is facing an alarming shortage of beds in hospitals.

On Monday, state officials announced a suitably repulsive band-aid to counter the tidal wave of cases affecting most rural hospital systems: COVID-19 positive nurses and other health care workers may come to work Huh.

Now, the nurses are crazy as hell.

“Nurses are heavily trusted in our community, and if we are saying that we can go back to work after testing positive – how do we expect the public to take this epidemic seriously?” Tessa Johnson, president of the North Dakota Nurses Association, told The Daily Beast.

“I have heard from many people that they are at their breaking point. I think we are losing nurses by this. It has affected everyone differently.


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