Flying with a dog? Tips for traveling by plane safely with a pet

(CNN) – Traveling once a plane for a dog owner meant a painful farewell, but thanks to an increase in the number of hotels and airlines that accept pets, more and more people are taking their faithful friends when they fly.

But cases involving tragedy and confusion when transporting animals have raised questions about the best way to fly with a dog or other pet, and if animals should travel by air.

Health Check

  There are steps You can take steps to make sure that your dog stays happy and healthy while on board.

There are steps you can take to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy while on board.

David McNew / Getty Images North America / Getty Images [19659008] Kitty Block, CEO of Humane Society of the United States, says flying with dogs and other pets should always be a last resort.

"If you have to fly […] do not take your animal unless there is obviously no choice," she says. "It's not an ideal situation for an animal, and it can be stressful for the animal."

If you can not choose, he says, the key is to be as prepared as possible. .

In the weeks prior to the flight, the animal needs a veterinary medical check-up to ensure that it is able to travel and its vaccines are in force.

What airline?

As soon as you've decided to fly with your pet, call the airline, reports Block. Not all carriers take animals, and the rules for flying with them vary.

Among the pets in the package is Virgin Atlantic, with its Flying Paws plan that gives pets their own reward scheme.

Sorry, but there are no free flights. Pets collect "footprints," which can be redeemed for gifts such as Burberry, Prada, and Gucci pet clothing.

Costume delights aside, pet owners should pay attention to the fine print when booking flights for their animals.

For example, Air France says that some pets are accepted in the cabin of the aircraft and in the aircraft hold. But certain "attack dogs" similar to Staffordshire terriers or pit bulls, mastiffs and coughs will not be transported.

Singapore Airlines requires that your pet have a certificate of good health but does not allow pets to travel in the cabin of the aircraft.

However, most airlines in North America allow small pets to travel in the cabin with you whenever they are notified at the time of booking. The fees can be high, and some only allow domestic trips.

"We do not recommend one [airline] over the other," says Block. "What we are saying is calling, being the best defender of your animal"

Pbadports for dogs

  Traveling with a dog (1)

Taking your dog on vacation is It is not always the best option, if necessary, there are tips you can follow.

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So you have found an airline that will accommodate you and your dog. Then comes the difficult part. Red tape

Pet immigration laws are specific to each country, but one way to reduce some of the headaches is to create a pet pbadport, which is "a collection of all identification documents and required to enter a determined country, "advises

A pet pbadport is an essential part of the Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS"), a system that allows animals to travel to the United Kingdom without being quarantined if all the rules are followed.

It was originally introduced in 2001 for animals that enter or return to the United Kingdom from other countries of the European Union, but since then it has spread to other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand . has a complete list of country-specific immigration rules for pets, with an option to purchase the necessary forms online.

Pet preparation

Next step: pee control.

Although it's probably a bit easier than flying with kids, going on an epic journey with your dog is not as simple as throwing it to a pet carrier and taking off, warns Cesar Millan.

You must prepare them for the long trip and let them get used to their provider.

"Do not put them in a box the day before, it must be a transition," he told CNN in an interview in 2012. "You have to teach your dog to hold his bladder, it's almost how to train for a marathon.

"Perform the process before flying. For example, flying from Los Angeles to Spain is 14 hours. "

What to do on board

When it's time to fly, your pet must be registered as cargo or kept in a cage under the seat which is in front of you, according to its size.

The load has risks, says Block.The potential risks include poor ventilation and extreme temperatures.

"You only have Make sure you keep in mind that if you travel in the hot summer months, you want to avoid the scales so that your dog is not in the cargo holds. or sitting on tarmacs and then having multiple transfers, "advises Block.

Taking your animal in the cabin Consider the size restrictions for animals Some airlines also have limits on the number of animals allowed per cabin.

Each airline has its own regulations and procedures, which Block recommends to familiarize yourself before the flight.

Keep on communicating

  Traveling with a pet is always more stressful.

Traveling always with a pet is more stressful.

GERARD JULIEN / AFP / AFP / Getty Images

The Humane Society advises that you should talk about your animal and its needs, either with you in the cabin or in the hold.

"It never hurts to let so many people know [that your animal is on board]," says Block. "There can always be an interruption of communication. "

" We can not emphasize enough that when you have an animal on a commercial trip, you really have to make sure everyone knows it and that it is progressing correctly. "

The rules for so-called support animals and emotional support (which recently made headlines when a woman tried to take an" emotional support peabad "aboard a flight) are slightly different.

" Because that these animals are emotional support, they stay with the pbadenger, "explains Block, however, she emphasizes that there are no universal rules, and pbadengers should check with the airline before traveling.

Changing Rules

Bloque and his team at Humane Society are currently advocating that no animals be placed in the locker, which caused the recent death of a dog on a United flight Airlines

"We are studying legislation that would prohibit […]] a small hand animal that was once placed in the upper compartment, clearly a disaster, with disastrous consequences," he says.

But Block has hopes for the future, describing the incident as a potential "turning point".

In an ideal world, commercial air travel would be introduced specifically for animals, meeting their needs.

"Statistics are not good to know how many die each year, and that should not happen," she said. ys. "There are always going to be some accidents, but this is a problem, so we're really seeing this, since it's time to clean this up and it's not a last-minute idea."

Ultimately, Block says that you should be very careful with animals that travel as humans.

"They are not loads, they are not suitcases, they are living beings and they are the members of our family, we really have to make sure it is safe for our animals."

Saying goodbye

If you have to leave your dog, don Do not worry about separation anxiety. Millan says that with proper training, your pet can handle the separation time, even if it can not.

But it's also a problem that should be resolved if you travel with your dog, as there will be times when you want to leave it in the hotel room without having to worry about it barking and scratching the door or chewing when come out

"Separation anxiety is created by humans because they feel closer to the dog, the more they bond, that is not realistic for the dog, which does not understand."

"I have to help people and show them how we create separation anxiety in Mexico, a dog is not allowed in the intimate space, we do not have a living room, the dog lives outside. Separated from humans.

"In America, a dog lives on top of the human. The human goes to work, the dog does not know how to separate from them. It is easy to rehabilitate, but you must understand the concept of proximity to train to work.

"It's not good to let your dog follow you everywhere, tell them when they can be near you, then tell them to leave," Millan suggests as a method to decrease his dog's attachment to you.

Humane Society offers more detailed advice for animal travel on its website.

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