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Flying pizzas in space! Astronauts become creative with cosmic cake creations

Judging by a pizza slowly floating by a camera on the International Space Station, it seems that someone prefers extra pepperoni in their weightless pie.

An amazing new video from NASA shows that the six crew members of the Space Station's Expedition 53 prepared for "movie night" for (what else) making pizzas out of this world! It seems that making food was fun because they played between bites. [The Evolution of Space Food in Photos]

Because everything that floats in microgravity floats, the astronauts were careful to tie things while hitting the ingredients in their pizza. To make the pizza, three to four astronauts gathered at a table where the food items were tied. They used ingredients that would adhere to the crust of the pizza, which in turn should be fairly crumb-free so as not to send bits of food to the electronic part.

Near the end of the video, which NASA launched on YouTube on Monday (Dec. 4), crew members proudly display their individual pizza creations and skip back and forth examples in front of the camera. Then, they eat. There is no need to worry about putting the pizza between the bites, it just floats there.

Although astronauts need to meet strict dietary requirements in space, today's teams are much luckier than Mercury, Gemini and Apollo in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, much of the food was consumed by tube. They did not even have an adequate toilet in the small spaceship, only hoses and sachets. (The crew of Expedition 53 has two toilets to use on the International Space Station.)

In 2013, NASA funded a prototype 3D printer to create food on long-duration space missions, and that meal included pizza. It was expected that the system would build the pizza in layers, from the printing of the dough, to the addition of the tomato "sauce" (powder and oil) to layers of protein to replace the traditional ingredients.

Interestingly, the taste preferences of astronauts can change in space because bodily fluids fill their heads. This makes spicy food a favorite because it does not feel like you're eating the same boring thing all the time.

Sriracha in that pizza, anyone?

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