Flyers 5, Canadiens 2: Carter "The Hitman" Hart


I do not know about the rest of you, but I look forward to the week of rest as if it were a long-awaited vacation. I count the days in my calendar. I stay up all night in Bye Week Eve, like a child too excited to sleep, listening to the sounds of the hooves on the roof. I get up very early on the first day of the rest week to try to immerse myself in all the waking hours I can until they are forced to return to the nightmare that is my eternal love and my adoration for this frightening, exasperating and yet , Team in some deeply deeply seductive way.

And what a damn goodbye, right? How to par excellence Flyers. They looked horrible, then they looked good, and somehow they looked good, but again they were terrible. Consistently, the outstanding performance was that of Carter Hart. Do you ever sit down and let the Flyers have a goalkeeper? A permanent network solution? Our own franchise goalkeeper? It really feels like a dream.

Despite being disappointing (to put it mildly) in the first period, and also in parts of the second and third, the Flyers managed to extend their winning streak to three and dominate the Canadiens, if only on the scoreboard. The game was 5-2, but it was much closer than the score sounds, I badure you.

Anyway, going back to what I was saying: Carter Hart. Carter Hart? Carter Hart! Carter: Hart. Carter "The Hitman" Hart. Oh that was good. That's going to be the headline, I think.

I know this will surprise many of you, but I do not have much to say about this period.

This is surprising, since it is known that I am incapable of being succinct. I have a lot of breath, sometimes shamefully; I can not answer a simple question of "How was your day?" Without launching into a diatribe that rivals the duration of the Iliad. I talk too much. If you have ever had the misfortune of being near me in person, you often find yourself wondering when I will shut up, and did you know that it does not cost anything to be quiet?

Anyway, my point is this: it is not that nothing has happened in this period, it is that everything that happened was tremendously annoying (except for one, and you can guess which one).

Canadians set the pace of the game early, as they usually do; The speed of this team has been one of the most obvious reasons why they have been so successful this season, for reasons beyond the inexplicable for God, the natural order of the universe, etc. The Flyers were, predictably, unable to keep up. Excellent things

The first (and only, as you'll find) shot by the Flyers was an empty net opportunity by Wayne Simmonds that hit the inside of the post. It is truly a task to be alive and I am exhausted.

During long periods of the first period, it seemed that the Canadians were in a game of power. The Flyers seemed tired and slow in comparison, flipping the disk, making uncomfortable and uncomfortable moves, and completely unable to look dangerous or generate offenses in any way.

Do not fear, however, because although we deserved to be lost by at least three goals when all was said and done, there was a good boy who refused to allow that to happen. Of course, I'm talking about our collective son, Carter Hart, the light of my life. In a period in which the Flyers were overcome severely and unfortunately, Hart was the only one who made the difference. Not all the saves were worthy of being highlighted, but there were certainly several that stood out, and that is the only absolute reason why the entire team has not died on the ice.

Throughout the entire twenty minutes, our beloved Philadelphia Flyers had only one shot on target. That sounds almost incredible, but really? What a night.

AFTER ONE: 0-0, 12-1 Canadiens shots

In just a few minutes, the second period already looked better than the first, simply because the Flyers had another chance to score. Woohoo! We can definitely bring that disk to the network, like other computers. It does not usually enter, but sometimes we get there, and that is what is really exciting.

On a reluctantly "positive" note, the Flyers looked a little better in this period. Although they still seemed awkward with the album and perhaps as if they were not speaking the same language, they seemed to make a greater effort to match the pace of the Canadians. Well, it looked like they were trying, so that's something.

The first game of power of the game was presented to us in the form of a penalty for tripping Jesperi Kotkaniemi (without relation to Antti Niemi currently in the network, although I must admit that I got confused several times). It was probably a pretty weak call, but it was also in defense of Scott Laughton, so I'll gladly accept it.

Hey, he's our good friend, the power game of the five forwards. It only reached gold once, but it's still here, an attempt by Hail Mary to spice up the rest of this season completely wasted. Or they are trying to fix it. What suits your narrative. Anyway, it was not successful, and they did not score, although I was not disappointed because I felt natural.

After "swapping" (using the word enough) chances of scoring at either end of the ice, another penalty could be imposed, this time on our own Jake Voracek for interference in the half-closed eyes, I think! It probably deserves it, a make-up call if I've ever seen one. The Canadians went to the power game at 13:33.

Our death penalty has been pretty good, not bad lately. It is a bit strange to say, considering that it has been the most defamed part of our game throughout the year if you do not count the power game. That is something Scott Gordon can probably be credited with, even in a short time. Positive!

The Flyers stopped the Canadiens again in this death penalty, which I imagine is incredibly exasperating if you are a Canadiens player or a fanatic. You must be able to throw us to the steam (you are completely) and, nevertheless, you are not (in the marker). I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm sorry that it happened to me too.

That last paragraph was a perfect continuation of the next. With only three minutes to go until the end of the period, Travis Konecny ​​decided it was the perfect time to score a goal. Who am I, the most critical cynic alive, to judge?

Usually, when the Flyers try to change the narrative of a game, I feel compelled to return and edit the dry and angry tone of what I have written previously. I will not do this tonight, why the hell? They do not deserve it. James van Riemsdyk deflected a shot from the spot just to the back of the net, and inexplicably, we're up 2-0. Absolutely ridiculous, but the right people are scoring, so it's okay, you win, universe.

AFTER TWO Flyers 2-0, shots 22-14 Canadian.

Exciting things started pretty early in the third, when a tripping call on Jonathan Drouin sent the Flyers to the power play at 1:37. I'm working to be concise in my writing (absolutely not) and, therefore, I will not waste too many words on this one: this five-eaves power game does not really work, and it certainly did not work here. either.

Do you remember what I said about the score of the right people? Nolan Patrick is basically what I want to say. A 2-in-1 with Patrick and Simmonds, completely rejected from a good pbad by Laughton, found the mark. Simmonds made a very good decision to take his time with the pbad, and it was worth it. It made me happy. Seeing our boy Nolan scoring good hockey goals is better than Lamictal, My Mood Stabilizer.

I admit this: it's my fault that Montreal scored, because in my terrible brain, I thought that S word. I tried not to do it. I tried to get it out of my consciousness as much as possible, but in the short time it took me to think about flying through my brain, Max Domi overtook Hart at 7:36. Sorry. I am the only one to blame.

I let the shame flood me for a couple more minutes, before it completely distracted me, my God Nolan Patrick, who scored other goal at 9:31, can you believe it? That event was definitely not for me, unless I thought it was a direct product of my faith and faith in Patrick, a son of mine. I will accept it too.

This objective, I believe, requires two camera angles.

Good times do not always roll, it seems. Brent Kulak managed to get past Hart at 4:00 PM and I felt like a caged beast. Anyone who dares to score on Carter Hart is a bad person. That is my position and no, I will not reconsider.

With less than three minutes left by the end of the game, Montreal decided to empty its network. I'm completely excited about this. Not once during this game have I tried to calculate how this will affect Carter Hart's savings percentage.

It seemed that it had the potential to be bad for us, but from time to time, I received a gift of a cosmic power as great as mine, and today it was in the form of a goal by Michael Raffl directly on the empty network. I will not log on to Twitter to see the shots of "he can only write down if the network is empty". You are all my enemies. Michael Raffl, I love you and I respect you. Keep chasing sirens, friend.

It's about 5-2 rulers with less than a minute to go. Do you really think they would ruin it? (Do not answer that.)

Hey, is this what fans of other teams feel when their good goalie steals a game? It's such an unknown emotion, but I think this must be the case.

THREE THREE: 5-2 brochures, shots 35-24 flyers

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