Flu Pill: Getting Your Annual Vaccine More Essential Than Ever

“Really the easiest thing I will do today,” said Gov. Whitmer, who at the press conference outlined preparations for this coming flu season.

“Preventing the flu will help us save lives and we must conserve the health care resources necessary to fight Kovid-19,” she said. “This is more important than ever.”

Taking a flu shot is a safe, inexpensive way to stay healthy. But less than half of Americans get vaccinated in a typical year (just 45% last year). Rates are comparable in the United Kingdom, where only 44.9% of registered patients aged 6 months to 64 years received flu vaccination from 2018 to 2019. In the European Union, which committed to vaccinating at least 75% of residents in 2009, 65 and older, only 45% of that group received vaccines in 2018.

According to medical experts, the Kovid-19 epidemic is rapidly spreading around the world, with the delivery of the flu vaccine at the new urge.

“Since hospitals and doctors’ offices are very busy taking care of Kovid-19 patients, a flu vaccine can help reduce the burden on the health care system and ensure that those who need medical care can do so. Are able to achieve, ”Dr. . Susan Bailey, President of the American Medical Association and an immunologist in Fort Worth, Texas.

This is not just to free up resources for Kovid-19 patients, however.

“Influenza is a fatal disease in itself,” Bailey said.

Flu vaccine reduces risk of heart attack, stroke among high-risk groups, researchers found

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the 2019 to 2020 flu season with older people, young children and pregnant women, there were 24,000 to 62,000 deaths from influenza in the United States. Taking a flu shot not only reduces the chances of getting sick, it often means less serious illness.

In addition, evidence from last spring suggests that it may be possible to obtain both coronavirus and influenza simultaneously. “We saw that in some early cases this year, where patients had other viruses at the same time as Kovid-19,” Bailey said.
And because flu symptoms – including fever, sore throat, and cough – resemble Kovid-19’s symptoms, it would be impossible to rule out a coronovirus diagnosis without testing. This means that a case of the flu, even if it is mild, can cause considerable disruption of work and school.

Inoculation in an epidemic year

Director of America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Drs. “This is an important year for us, because the more flu we can try from the table,” Robert Redfield said in an interview with the AMA’s JAMA Network.

An unprecedented effort is needed to boost the flu vaccination rate, and Redfield hopes to raise US vaccination rates to 65%. The CDC projects that 194 million to 198 million doses will be available this year, an increase of about 30 million doses compared to a year earlier.

To help the needy get vaccinated, the CDC purchased 9.3 million doses of the adult flu vaccine and 2 million doses of the pediatric flu vaccine. This is a massive increase of more than 500,000 federal agencies typically buy for adults without a license.

But the epidemic makes distribution more complex. In the last flu season, many Americans have had their workplaces vaccinated. There is concern among large gatherings that there is less room to provide flu shots. In addition, the epidemic triggered an overall decline in childhood vaccination. While those numbers have reborn in some places, pediatricians are concerned.
States, government agencies and private companies are stepping up to support the campaign. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System enables certified pharmacists to apply flu vaccines to children enrolled in Medicaid, and to hand out gift cards to members who receive their shots.
To reduce exposure and risk of infection, Michigan Spectrum Health is offering curbside flu vaccine in Grand Rapids. Drive-through flu shots are also available at some Kaiser Permanente locations. Flu shots are currently available at several series drugstores, including CVS and Volgren.
Residents of any state can find out where to vaccinate using the CDC’s Vaccinefinder website, which partners with local health departments and clinics.

Do not proceed without a flu shot

Flu shots can save lives. For some Americans, vaccination is also a stapulation of the person’s work and schooling this year.

Time has come for all schools to require a flu shot
Staff and students in the University of California system will be required to receive flu shots by November 1, announced UC Health in August, a decision that affects more than half a million people.
Massachusetts education facilities require flu shots for children and young people, starting with childcare and preschool and going all the way through university. Massachusetts is the first state to introduce such a ruling, and the decision has sparked protests.
A pending bill in the New Jersey legislature would also make flu vaccination a requirement of nomination. Vermont is considering a mandate, with the state health commissioner at an August 28 press conference called Dr. Mark Levine said.

It’s not all bad news

While the possibility of a double whammy of Kovid-19 and influenza is alarming, it is not all doom and gloom.

The flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, which usually begins in October, comes on the heels of the Southern Hemisphere winter. Because the Northern Hemisphere flu season follows trends in the South, scientists examine numbers in Oceania and South America for clues.

So far, it looks great.

“The low level we are seeing is unprecedented,” said Lauren Sawyer, an emergency medicine specialist and director of research at the Johns Hopkins Biocyanation Unit. “While we are still really cautious, and we are still concerned for the flu season, we are hoping that when we get here we will have a similar experience.

Influenza rates in Australia have decreased in 2020 compared to recent years, reflecting drops in Chile and South Africa. In part, this may be due to increased vaccination rates. A record number of flu vaccines were produced in Australia this year. In Buenos Aires, flu shot clinics began to move into remodeled day care centers and churches.

But the declining trend of influenza infection also reflects the precautions to be taken to deal with Kovid-19.

“Social removal activities, hand washing, remedies around touching your face – all of these are exceptionally helpful for the flu,” Sawyer said. Wearing a mask can also help in studies.

Another bright spot is creative solutions to vaccinate in an epidemic, which Sawyer would like to see outlaved Kovid-19. “Making it easy for people to get the flu vaccine is incredibly important, and a valuable thing that I hope we will adopt,” she said, citing efforts to provide vaccinations outside traditional health care settings.

Sawyer also said that mandatory flu vaccines are a good sign, and an important step in reducing influenza deaths now and in the future. In fact, flu vaccines are required by Johns Hopkins Medicine, where Sauer works since 2012. It has done a good job.

“It’s such a profitable approach,” she said. “It is beneficial for the system, but also for the person receiving that vaccine, and for our patients and our community.”