Florida woman was forced to forcibly give the lotto prize after losing USPS ticket

A Florida woman says she was forced to give her lotto prize after losing her winning ticket in the mail.

Sue Burgess of Hernando County said she was thrilled earlier this summer that she made a $ 1,000 loss at the state’s second chance lottery game, news station WFLA.

“I used to. It was like winning a million dollars for me, ”Burgess told the outlet.

But at the time, she could not claim her victory at any of the local lottery offices because they were closed due to the epidemic.

He said the state followed the lottery’s instructions and went to send its tickets via postal-certified postage, the outlet reported.

Burgess said the ticket, however, never went to the lottery office within the one-week timeframe required to claim the prize.

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The WFLA reported that its tracking information last showed the ticket at the Tallahassee Post Office on 12 August.

“They said, ‘We have not received this ticket.” He said, “No tickets, no prizes,” said Burgess, whose prize money went to the alternate winner.

Burgess said she is disappointed because she can drop her ticket in the Dropbox at the local lottery office, but believes that certified mail was a safer and more efficient option.

“So you choose certified mail,” Burgess said. “With COVID, I understand that mail is a bit slow. But for security, certified mail usually has priority. ”

Six weeks later, the winning ticket is still unaccounted for.

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The USPS apologized to Burgess and said it was working with the state award to force him out of the cash award.

The Postal Service stated, “We apologize to this specific customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced.”

“In this specific example, we are continuing to work with the lottery office to confirm the receipt of the post office.”

The WFLA reported that the Florida Lottery stated that it was not responsible for mistakes made by the Postal Service, although it would make an exception for Burgess and pay his prize.

“Ms. Burgess’s situation is an unusual situation and to our knowledge, no other winner has experienced a similar issue,” said the lottery.

“Because the lottery did not receive Ms. Burgess’s ticket within the seven-day claim period, an alternate winner was chosen and paid. However, if Ms. Burgess’s package arrives at the Florida Lottery headquarters with a date stamp before the original closing date, our claims processing department will process and pay her claim. ”

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