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Florida teenager is safe in New York with coach, says Sheriff


Highlights of the story

  • Caitlyn Frisina, 17, was found safe on Friday night in New York
  • Police took the soccer coach who was traveling with her to custody

The search for Caitlyn Frisina, a 17-year-old from Fort White, began Sunday morning, when her parents discovered that she had disappeared from her home.

Investigators confirmed that the high school senior was with his school's soccer coach, Rian Rodriguez, 27, the sheriff's office said this week. It is believed that the two were driving northeast on a red Mercury Sable.

Around 4 p.m. On Friday, a New York State police officer saw that vehicle in Syracuse, New York, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office said on its Facebook page. The officer stopped the car and found Rodriguez and Caitlyn safe.

Rodriguez was arrested without incident, and Caitlyn was arrested, the sheriff's office said. Rodriguez faces charges for interference with the custody of the children and may face additional charges, said Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter, who said he must deliver the news to Caitlyn's parents.

"That was one of the best phone calls I made in my career," Hunter said. "The family was elated, of course, they've been through a lot, they're emotionally exhausted."

  Frisina, 17, and Rodriguez, 27, were spotted at a Pilot convenience store in St. George, South Carolina last Sunday.

Caitlyn had made a factory reset on her cell phone before disappearing and had left it behind, and the prints that left her house indicated she was alone when she left, the deputies said.

Caitlyn withdrew $ 200 on Sunday from an ATM in St. Mary's, Georgia, agents said. She and Rodriguez were seen in a surveillance video at a food store in South Carolina and at a pawnshop in North Carolina, they said.

Caitlyn's mother, Scarlet Parnell Frisina, had begged her daughter to call her family.

"We love you and we miss you, and we need to know you're safe," Frisina said during a press conference on Thursday. "Please call us."

Laura Diaz-Zuniga of CNN contributed to this report.

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