Florida State Seminole Football Update: September 29 Interview

Updates, 12:00 PM

Mike Norwell spoke to the media today after his first practice on the field in Thalassi. With Norwell back in practice, the ‘Knowles began preparing for Jacksonville State today. With an early start, Norwell said the team still focuses too much on core principles and discipline. Norwell stated, “There is a definite push to improve. Friends are competing. Continue to focus on doing better every day. “

Norwell has expressed that he was not happy with the team’s reaction during the Miami game. He said that mental reaction is still a daily task. He said, “How you respond to adversity is the right definition of who you are.” Whenever things are challenging, when you have a chance to define who you are. This is an area where we have to grow up. It is a daily process. “

Between the second half of the Miami game released yesterday and the depth chart, it appears that the ‘youth movement’ continues in Tallahassee. There are benefits and challenges to playing new people mentioned in his career Norwell. “You see the immediate value and if they are able to help you win the game, then you’re back. There are challenges. You look at James and his experience. There were growing pains that some might have helped him but Others may have hurt him. “

FSU’s offense struggles in the red-zone early this season. The head coach said that production takes place in fewer locations in the red-zone. “Everyone should be at that point with the precise execution we need to do.”

Update, 12:05 pm

Tate Rodemaker spoke to the media this morning after his first experience of the game last Saturday. The Roadmaker spoke at that moment of arriving on the field and how they handled it. He said, “A little nervous, but once I hit the ground, I think of just another team practice, another colored jersey on the other side of the field.”

The roadmaker threw a pick on his first drive, but did not lose his focus. After his interception, he was ready for the next drive. “I don’t really think too much, I went there on the next drive, and did what I did,” said the roadmaker. The Roadmaker also mentioned that James Blackman helped him after INT.

New Partner QB found many of her peers new. He called his representative “very valuable”. On playing for the first time and doing it with his classmates, he said, “We’re just trying to talk and help, I was walking behind something like LT. We’re all trying to get better. “

Updates, 12:10 pm

We heard today from the aggressive Davele Love-Taylor. Love-Taylor spoke on the performance of the offensive line through the first two matches and where they go from here. On his message for the offensive line after the game, he said, “We need to get better, we need to communicate better. I told the young people that when they go in, ‘You guys need to push us to get better’. ‘

DLT praised the play of young offensive players late in the game. He mentioned that the young offensive lineman performed well and was impressed with the roadmaker. On Roadmaker’s performance, he said, “Tate did a really great job, he knew where Mike was [linebacker] Was, and he knew all the plays. “

On Norwell’s message after the game, Love-Taylor stated, “He is consistent with every message he says. They said ‘we beat ourselves up.’ We have to go out and perform. “

Updates, 12:15 pm

We heard one of the young offensive linemen who praised DLT as Robert Scott spoke to the media for the first time today. Scott received his first college action in the fourth quarter on Saturday. At those first game rips, he said, “It was kind of nerve-wracking, I was ready but when you’re actually on the ‘It’s Like Wow’ field, you know what I’m saying?”

Scott spoke a bit about his relationship with Devonte Love-Taylor and how he helped her grow. He mentions that they watch some of his old films together. On Love-Taylor, he said, “He’s a good friend, he helps me every day.”

Scott has been done several times by coaches since the beginning of the fall. He said that he is working really hard because of the confidence that the coach has with him. On OL coach Alex Atkins, he said, “He believed in me, that’s why I’ve worked so hard, because he believes in me.”

Freshman OT only saw limited reps on Saturday, but he is ready for the possibility of playing more time. “I’m just playing my role, if they put me in it I’m going to work, if not, I’m a mental rep, because you never know when you’re going there.”

Updates, 12:20 pm

The youth movement was present at today’s press conference, as we also heard from the new man running Lawrence Trophili. Tofili is one of the most productive and current since the early game. On getting that extra playing time, he said, “I’m just trying to be as tough as I can and make the best use of my opportunities.”

With some limited playing time and a crowded field, Tofili knows he has to make the most of his opportunities. He said, “I get every opportunity, I just try to take advantage of it as much as I can.”

Tofili has impressed not only with his touch, but also in conservation of passes. On his pass pro, he said, “Really just getting down to technology and knowing your leverage and things like that.”

At the end of the game many of the teammates were running back on the field playing with new players. On his new class of chemistry, Toafili said, “I feel like we are really well connected and we are pleased, we have good team chemistry.” He also mentioned that he is excited for the future of the roadmaker. “I believe Tate has a lot of potential. He’s a good player.”

“We knew this was going to be a process to improve. There is no one within the program who is pleased with the results on the field. But the only thing we can control is how we respond to it.

Florida State Seminole football head coach Mike Norwell is back in practice today after spending the last two weeks in quarantine following a positive coronavirus test, and his message has been consistent since the Miami-Florida Hurricanes Saturday’s loss, Things need to change, and they need to change rapidly.

It is starting to happen, at least on the surface. The Destination Chart, released yesterday before Florida State’s game against Jacksonville State, held highs from players who had flashed during last week’s loss, including Lawrence Tofili.

From yesterday’s depth chart observations:

James Blackman remains the starting quarterback, although a trio of Jordan Travis, Tate Rodemaker, and Chubba Puree are listed as second choice with an OR. It marks the first appearance for an already injured puree.

Jashun Corbin is the starter at running back, but a new position “TB” – possibly tailback – was added, allowing La’Damian Webb and Lawrence Tofili to share duties as tailback starter.

Tamrapatra Terry was eliminated from the top slot at receiver position, now listed under Ontario Wilson as a co-starter with a tag. Also in the receiver group is the note Warren Thompson being dropped from top billing with Keyshawn Helton listed above him – with an OR tag. Only two receiver positions are listed.

We will hear from Norwell and other members of the crime today. You can follow them both in the comments section and with us Twitter, And in the meantime, leave any questions in the comments and we’ll try to get them.

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