Florida Sheriff Accuses ‘Paramedic of the Year’ for Kovid-19 Vaccine Paperwork

Pollock County Sheriff Grady Judd told a news conference on Tuesday that 31-year-old paramedic Joshua Colon is accused of screening and consenting to form the vaccine for three missing dosages. The colonel said the detectives had covered for a supervisor, Judd said.

According to an affidavit posted by the Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday, January 6, three vials containing 10 vaccine doses were found and directed to be given to firefighters. First responders are required to receive the vaccine in order to be vaccinated by people administering the vaccine and to sign and sign the consent forms.

At the end of the day, the colonel was missing information for some doses.

The affidavit states that the colonel told officers that he would receive the missing information and reported three names that they belonged to the firefighters, who were the recipients. Two investigators reported that he had never received the vaccine, and the third name was not an actual one, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

According to News Week, when he met the Colonel this week, he allegedly admitted that he himself signed all three forms and admitted that he was fictitious.

He told a supervisor to “joke with him” about getting some vaccines for the supervisor’s mother, according to the news release.

The news release stated, “According to the colonel, he refused to provide the supervisor with the vaccines at which time the supervisor said he would tell those in the chain of command who were selling the vaccine outside the Cologne work . “

“All that happened were three syringes with three doses of the vaccine that Joshua Colon put in a plastic bag, placed in a special refrigerator and sealed. And then, on (the supervisor’s) instruction, he took a break. took.” Jude said.

When Cologne returned, the seal was broken and vaccines were gone, Judd said, making that Cologne “re-create stories and false documents” so that missing dosages could be accounted for.

‘It is a matter of public confidence’

His lawyer, David R. Carmichael said in a statement to CNN that Colon was faced with “a very difficult situation when a supervisor demanded that Mr. Colon provide an unauthorized dose of the Kovid vaccine … for use by a family of supervisors.”

Carmichael said Cologne refused to do so and declined again when the supervisor recommended that they cover the missing vaccine supplements, saying they were doomed.

“The supervisor then threatened to tell people that Mr. Colonel offered to sell the vaccine to the supervisor, so he should simply give it to the supervisor or put him at risk. Mr. Colonel again refused. The supervisor. Ordered that Mr. Colonel take lunch. ” , “The lawyer said. When his client returned, the vaccine dose was missing, he said.

Carmichael said the colonel tried to contact his chief, but found out that he was out of town, and “feared retaliation”, covering the missing dose.

Jude said two doses were later recovered in the supervisor’s car. They were not viable, said Polk County Fire Rescue chief Robert Veitch.

“The bottom line is, Joshua tried to cover for (the supervisor),” Judd said. “Joshua set the circumstance for the stolen vaccines. If Joshua had simply gone to his master, he would have been a hero.”

He was charged for four counts of forgery, four counts of forgery equipment, four counts of forgery medical records, two counts of creating a fictitious personal ID, as well as criminal use of personal ID and official misconduct, according to the colonel’s office. News release.

He was released on bond, the release said, and the investigation – in which the supervisor played a role – continues.

During the news conference, Veitch said, “It’s a matter of public trust. We take it seriously.” “We had a special duty, and that was to deliver the vaccine to the first responders who were helping the public.”

Cole resigned from the department, Wake said. The sheriff said they would also talk to the supervisor.

CNN reached out to the Colonel for comment. His lawyer said that Köln “regrets his weakness in failing to alert TK’s chain of command to theft, admitting responsibility for his error in covering the theft, and protecting his agency’s reputation In an effort to, has resigned his “post.”

“I only have one question for them,” the sheriff said at the news conference. “what were you thinking?”


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