Florida police rescue 13-year-old girl from 22-year-old man in ‘dark motel room’


Cuomo apparently has a ‘very short’ list not to yell

Aides to Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) are the first to say that the Governor is cheeky, loud and easily irritated. But his style of governing has been questioned after state Senator Ron Kim (D) accused the governor of “abusing his powers” by threatening Kim’s career if he did not cover up the scandal of the COVID-19 deaths in the nursing home. of elders of the governor. Since then, interviews with dozens of lawmakers, former officials, political consultants and other experts have endorsed Kim’s assessment, with a few exceptions, The New York Times reports. In the days after Kim shared his story, Cuomo’s longtime foe New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called the governor’s threats “classic Andrew Cuomo.” Karen Hinton, a communications consultant who worked with Cuomo, told the Times that “her main tool for governing is creating fear.” And other anonymous sources recalled how he once threatened to compare then-Democratic primary rival Cynthia Nixon to a “child rapist,” and that he seemed proud of his so-called “mean girls” aides in his office. Meanwhile, State Sen. Liz Krueger (D) says she has never faced Cuomo’s wrath and knows that she is one of the privileged few. As Krueger, the head of the Senate finance committee, reminded the Times, Cuomo’s former aide, Joseph Percoco, once told him that she was on Cuomo’s “no shout” list. “I replied, ‘Do you have that list?'” Krueger told the Times. “He said, ‘He’s very small.'” Percoco is currently in jail serving a sentence on conspiracy and bribery charges. Meanwhile, Cuomo’s senior adviser, Richard Azzopardi, maintained that the governor “gets[s] impatient with partisan politics and hoax attacks, “but New Yorkers” know they must fight to change the status quo and special interests to get ahead. “Read more in The New York Times. More stories from theweek.com Ted Cruz invited To His College Roommate On The Mexico Trip Who Blamed His Daughters Resign, Andrew Cuomo 5 Outrageously Funny Cartoons About Ted Cruz’s Escape To Cancun

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