SPRING HILL, FLA– A man from Tampa was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after being informed as unconscious on a walk of the Bank of America through the lane

According to a report from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, the bank's manager, Martin Claussen called the police after calling the Douglas Francisco's window by "some time" before the driver regained consciousness. The 28-year-old driver tried to order a burrito, but Claussen told him he was not in a Taco Bell.

When the police arrived at the Bank of America at 7184 Mariner Blvd, Francisco was sitting in a blue Hyundai. in the front parking lot. The engine was working.

The deputy reported that Francisco "made several statements that differed from reality" and that during a test of sobriety in the field, his movements were slow in a manner consistent with someone taking prescription narcotics.

The deputies also found Oxycodone and Alprazolam, the generic name of Xanax, in the controller, however, had a recipe for both. The results of the drug tests are pending.

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