Florida man fights badly with police, K-9

Some pictures are worth a thousand words – but this mugshot only needs six: don’t try to fight the police.

According to WEARTV, after a Florida man was detained by police, he was said to have attacked two sheriff depots and their K-9s despite losing and becoming conscious – and during the melee.

The sickening incident, which left the suspect with multiple eyebrows and more staple marks on her eyebrow, occurred on Thursday afternoon in the state of Panhandle, in Escamia County.

(Escamia County Sheriff’s Office)

Reportedly, a driver called the police to report a person, who was holding his steering wheel and stopping his vehicle while getting in and out of traffic.

When the victim ran away and returned home, he allegedly tried to smash the same suspect on his porch at his house, where his daughter was inside.

It is not clear how – or both – knew each other.


When on duty, he allegedly saw 25-year-old Eric Tyler Mathis hiding behind a blue coup on the victim’s property.

The suspect told the sheriff that it was his property, and according to the station shouted them to leave. Police said efforts to arrest him were made with “violent resistance”.

Investigators told the local station, “They battled two deputies and protested their attempts to use a tusser.”

When Taser failed to subdue the suspect, the Duties deployed a K-9 Zeek on Mathis. The suspect tried to fight the police dog, allegedly grabbing him around the neck.

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Authorities said in a Facebook post that Mathis was eventually taken into custody and charged with robbery, theft, battery, an officer and public order offense.

His bond was set at $ 136,000.

“We are also happy and neither deputation or K-9 Zeek was seriously injured,” Sheriff Chip W. Simmons posted.

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“A person may not enter another person’s occupied vehicle illegally, cannot enter another person’s occupied house illegally, and cannot fight the efforts of law enforcement officers. Come Don’t forget about the victims of these crimes and how terrible it would be for them ”. The post continued.

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