Florida man arrested for dragging officer over police

A Florida security guard found himself on the wrong side of the law on Thursday when he was arrested for imposing an officer, after trying to pull over an actual off-duty officer for speeding.

According to Fox News, Omar Forde, who was coming home from his job at the time of the incident, told police that he was passed by a vehicle.

“The gentleman flew with me, and his car danced,” one of the gentlemen said in footage released from the Castleberry officer’s body mark. “So I figured he might be drunk.”

Forde tried to tell the car as well as the off-duty officer, later identified as the Zachary Prince, only to slow down, the prince began flashing his own lights and asked if he was pulled Used to be.

Omar Ford is accused of accusing a police officer
Omar Ford is accused of accusing a police officer.Twitter

“Since he is a policeman himself, he knows about uniforms and jurisdiction, and he knew that it was not a Castleberry or Seminole County or Troper, so he immediately called and interrogated this person to stop us,” “Castleberry Police Captain. At a press conference N.A.S.

Forde was wearing a vest under the name of his security company, “Criminal Task Force”, and was openly carrying a badge, gun and Taser.

According to body camera footage of the incident, officers at the scene “would have made this mistake for a law enforcement officer all day”.

Castleberry police have accused Ford of imposing an officer and driving with a suspended license.

Forde denied the allegations and has since been released on bond.