Florida football activities stalled due to COVID-19 outbreak

GAINESVILLE, Fla.: The University of Florida football team has halted all team activity this week due to an increase in positive COVID-19 test results among players. The program announced in a regularly scheduled COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday afternoon that it had registered five new positive cases on the football team.

According to the statement issued by Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin, the coach Dan Mullen Has been in contact with the players and their parents. Meanwhile, Stricklin is also in talks with the SEC office, as well as both Texas A&M and LSU, with rival UF scheduled to play this weekend.

Stricklin noted that the circumstances would be reevaluated by the sports medicine staff of UF Health and the athletic department on Wednesday.

Florida has provided data as of Monday in the test results announced Tuesday afternoon, which revealed that the football team had registered five new cases on 345 trials last week. But sources have indicated to Swamp247 that Gators has a more significant outbreak based on recent test results.

The news comes just days after Mullen praised Florida for its precautionary measures to curb the virus.

“I will be honest, I think if you look at what we are capable of, the safety precautions we have that our players have followed, our coaches follow, our staff follow, I think we are a model of security what we are doing during this time period, “Mullen said. “So, I am really proud of how we have handled everything and how safe we ​​are with everything we are doing and all the precautions we have taken during this time.”

An SEC game already scheduled for this week has been postponed, with Missouri and Vanderbilt temporarily rescheduling their game on December 12 following the outbreak of the Vanderbilt program.

LSU was scheduled to play ETU on Saturday at 4 pm in Florida with a national broadcast on ESPN.

The Gators were looking to pull back from their first loss of the season after falling in a tough bout at the Aggies on Saturday. They had a good chance to do so against the Tigers, who struggled as national champions, drawing two of their first three matches.

But Mullen hinted on Monday that his team would have to be ready to adjust on the fly thanks to COVID-19 this year. Now, all activities are underway for the time being.

“We’re playing short-handed defensively,” Mullen said. “We are hoping to get some people back this week. But, I mean, who knows? As you know this is going to be a really unique year, which is a lot of different things that you can do.” Forming a group. So hopefully we have some people coming back this week who will play. I don’t know.

“One of the things is that you put all these gameplay together, and like you were saying, we put people in the right position. I find out at 11:30 on Thursday night that maybe playing in the game Huh.” Friday can always change, someone sniffs, so … not to make light of it, but as suddenly someone, especially at this time of year, you have an allergy, you are having a cold and now we Running to get it tested on Friday and Saturday morning. That separated it. ”

Swamp247 will update this story as more information becomes available.

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