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Florida boy, 6 years old, dies of rage after being scratched by a sick bat

A 6-year-old boy in Florida who reportedly touched a sick bat after his father told him he did not die after getting rabies.

Ryker Roque died Sunday at an Orlando hospital, his father, Henry NBC News, was told on Tuesday.

The child was placed in a medically induced coma as part of the Milwaukee protocol, an experimental treatment used in those affected by the rabies virus.

Henry Roque had found a rabid bat, put it in a bucket and told his son not to touch it, but Ryker did it anyway, and was scratched.

The father said he washed Ryker's wound but did not take his son to the hospital because he cried when he told him that I have to receive vaccines.

About a week later, Ryker developed numb fingers and a headache and, according to a GoFundMe page linked to Ryker's medical bills, he also started having hallucinations and seizures. His parents took him to the hospital to receive treatment.

Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff's Office responded to the Los Roques house after learning that the family's pit bull could have been rabid.


"We were told that the bat had been in the house a week or two before the child went to the hospital" said Major Chris Delibro to the Orlando Sentinel. "The bat may have been in the dog."

Ryker was tagged on Facebook as "a happy and quiet little boy" who was "adored by teachers and classmates" by an administrator of the Christian Preschool Academy.

Rabies is almost always fatal once the symptoms develop. A vaccine administered after a wound but before symptoms almost always prevents the disease.

The number of deaths from rabies in recent years in the United States. UU It has decreased, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The more than 100 annual deaths around the year 1900 fell to only one or two per year in the 1990s.

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