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Florida Boy, 6, dies after being bitten by a bat infested with rabies

A seemingly inoffensive act by the curious six-year-old Ryque Roque quickly became fatal after he was bitten by a rabid bat his father brought him home.

On Sunday, the first-grade boy from Eustis, Florida died of severe rabies at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando, where he was hospitalized for more than a week.

After he complained of numb fingers and a headache a week after being bitten, getting shot frightened Ryker and dissuaded his parents from seeking immediate medical attention.

"He started to develop symptoms a few weeks after receiving the bite." His family realized that he was having hallucinations and convulsions, they quickly took him to the emergency room, and the doctors explained that if it was rabies, he had a 0% chance to survive, "explained Ryker's GoFundMe page, created by family members. "Ryker is the most extroverted and excited guy I've ever met."

  On Sunday, Ryker Roque died of severe rabies at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando, Florida

On Sunday, Ryker Roque died of severe rabies at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando, Florida

GoFundMe [19659008] The child's parents, Henry and Michelle, told the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday that their son used to go to the woods in front of his house almost every day with a dead insect or lizard on his hands.

Then, Ryker could not resist when Henry brought home a bat his father found while working on maintenance at the Quality Inn & Suites in Mount Dora. Little did Ryker or Henry know that the nocturnal mammal was infected with rage when the child got too close.

"[I] I found a bat, put it in a small bucket, put it on the porch and asked my son," Do not touch it under any circumstances, "Henry told NBC News . "Apparently he put his hand there and he touched it and said he just scratched it, so I searched Google desperately and he says to wash his hands with hot water for five minutes."

Henry attributed Ryker's symptoms to a possible blow to the head while playing and took him to the hospital. When Henry mentioned the bat to the doctors, it was then that he realized the seriousness of his son's incident.

"They searched desperately for the other doctors to tell them it was a bat and how serious it was, and then everyone came in. We had a conference and they explained to me that it's almost always lethal," said Henry.

Doctors even tried an experimental technique called the Milwaukee protocol, which involves putting the patient in an induced coma. and administer antiviral medications. Unfortunately, their efforts were not successful.

Parents, who originally thought their son was scratched, now believe that Ryker was bitten, according to [OrlandoSentinel [196590002]

"We are so sad to say that Ryker lost his fight last night. It is still a winner in our hearts, thanks to everyone for the prayers, beautiful words and generous donations, it really has meant the world, our little baby is now an angel, "the family announced on the GoFundMe page on Sunday.

"Ryker was a happy, quiet little boy adored by teachers and classmates," his former school, Christian Academy Preschool, wrote on Facebook on Monday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible to determine if a rabies vaccine is necessary. Only one or two people die of rabies in the United States each year.

The most frequent signs of rabies include flu-like symptoms, followed by anxiety, confusion, and abnormal behavior.

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