Flights to UK canceled as Health Minister

The new tension of Kovid-19, which prompted the UK government to implement Tier 4 lockdowns in London and southeastern England and impose stricter sanctions for all of England over the festive period, “out of health control”, Matenock Said on Sunday.

According to a press release from the Netherlands government, the United Kingdom is banning all passenger flights from the United Kingdom since Sunday morning to minimize the risk of new tensions from spreading to the Netherlands. Flight restrictions will remain in force until the new year.

The Dutch government said that the same type of virus in the sample was found in the Netherlands in one case in early December, and is conducting further investigations to determine if there are any other related cases.

Meanwhile, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said that Belgium would stop passengers from the UK for 24 hours on Monday as a “precautionary measure”, although the ban could be extended if necessary.

“As a precautionary measure, we have decided to stop flights from the UK for a period of 24 hours, and significantly for our country to do the same for Eurostar (train) – because this is really the main way “People from the UK come to our country,” he said, with CNN affiliate VRT’s Sunday morning news program “De Zevende Dog.”

Hancock said the new variant, which can spread faster than other strains, but is not more dangerous, would have to be controlled.

“The only way you can do that is by restricting social contacts and essentially, especially in Tier 4 areas, everyone needs to behave as if they might have a virus and that’s the way We can keep it under control and keep people safe., “He said on Sunday.

Tough coronovirus restriction

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the news on Saturday that London and large parts of southern and eastern England, where cases are on the rise, will enter Tier 4 sanctions, similar to the lockdown seen in spring – to loosen regulations. Over the Christmas period, repeating their pledge for.

Johnson underlined that under the toughest restrictions in Tier 4 regions, there would be no possibility of a home mix over Christmas. In areas with low vigilant levels in England, Scotland and Wales, mixing will now be allowed only on Christmas day.

People at London's Paddington station wait after the announcement that the capital will soon enter Tier 4 Kovid-19.

In a haste called Saturday press conference, Johnson said that the strain of the virus appears to spread more easily, and can transmit 70% more than the earlier strain.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Saturday that the new version accounted for 60% of infections in London, nearly doubling in the past week.

Like other new variants or strains of the Kovid-19, it carries a genetic fingerprint that makes it easy to track, and is one that is now common. This does not mean that the mutation has spread it more easily, nor does it mean that this variation is more dangerous.

Many experts in the genetics and epidemiology of the virus are noting that this may be a “lucky” strain that has been amplified due to the superspreader event; It can be a mutation in any way and spreads it more easily without causing more serious disease; Or it can happen just by coincidence.

Nevertheless, the government’s scientific advisory group for Kovid-19 also warned that the new tension is a “real cause for concern” and called for immediate action. On Twitter, Jeremy Farrar said, “Research is underway to make more sense, but it’s important to act immediately. There is no part of the UK and globally that shouldn’t be worried. As the situation is fragile in many countries. “

Londoners flee capital after new restrictions

Asked about the timeframe for the Tier 4 sanctions, which effectively put parts of the UK into a lockdown when it was seen in the spring, Hancock said on Sunday: “Given how fast this new version is Spreads, it is very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine roll out. “

Hancock said what really matters “is that people not only follow [the new Tier 4 measures], But everyone in the Tier 4 region acts as if you have a virus to prevent it from spreading to other people. (…) We just know that this new version, you can easily catch it more than the small amount of viruses that exist. “

Europe's coronavirus crisis is resurfacing.  For months, 3 Nordic countries kept it under control - without lockdown

He said, “We have all sorts of different measures, we need more of them to control the spread of the new version, to control the spread of the old version,” the mask and the 2-meter rule (6.5 Ft), was enough to protect people from new stressors.

Nevertheless, Londoners piled on trains and motorways on Saturday night as they left to leave the capital ahead of new restrictions announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As of 7 pm on Saturday, there were no free seats on trains going to London from many stations in the capital, PA media reported. Passengers complained of not being able to make social distance within the trains.

The scene was condemned by politicians and public health experts. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in an interview with the BBC the introduction of “disastrous” sanctions, adding to that scene at London train stations was “a direct result of the announced chaotic manner, and was made late.”

“I understand why people want to return to see their mum, dad, elderly relationships, but I think that’s wrong,” he said.

Leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starr, accused Johnson of “gross negligence” for failing to take action earlier. Starr said Labor supported the latest coronavirus restrictions, but criticized the PM for waiting until the “11th hour” to make a decision.

Starr said in an online press conference, “Last week it was clearly evident that the Prime Minister’s plan for everyone on Christmas for free was too high-risk.” “And yet, instead of listening to the concerns and taking them seriously, the Prime Minister did what he always does: rejected the challenge, ruffled his hair and made a comment.

He said, “We have known for weeks about the growing transitions and potential of the NHS in many parts of the country. Alarm bells have been ringing for weeks, but the Prime Minister has opted to ignore them.”

“This is an act of gross negligence by a prime minister who, once again, is caught behind the curve,” he said.

Arnaud Siyad and James Frater contributed reporting.


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