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Flights for those who are traveling for the first time can be a disconcerting experience, as a woman in Turkey showed in a funny viral video. The images of the Istanbul airport captured the moment when the pbadenger made an epic mistake. The traveler, who is believed to have not flown before, was filmed and confused a lot at check-in. She seems to think that the baggage transporter will also transport her to the plane.

The very funny clip shows the pbadenger walking confidently through the check-in counter to the first baggage conveyor belt.

The woman pauses as she approaches the rapidly moving main belt and the staff goes on alarmed when she sees her actions.

Then he climbs on his belt while a piece of luggage slips, apparently without the slightest idea that he has made a big mistake.

However, she falls dramatically when she moves towards the luggage belt and falls.

Two airport employees stand in shock as they watch the woman's movements.

The pbadenger is momentarily transported before the startled staff rushes to stop the belt.

She begins to stand up when the clip ends, while the workers seem to simply stand and look in surprise.

The images have entertained the viewers a lot after turning viral on social networks.

One person commented on the video: "Is this a shortcut to the plane?"

Another teasingly added: "I think traveling with the cargo is cheaper."

Istanbul Airport is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey and was inaugurated in April of this year.

It is reported that it has an annual pbadenger capacity of 90 million, and when it is finished, it will serve 200 million pbadengers.

Earlier this week, a video became viral of holidaymakers fighting in Disneyland California.

The discussion arose between a man and a woman. It seems that the man punched the woman after she spit in his face.

The two fought furiously with another man in a white T-shirt, who seemed to be with the first woman, getting involved.

Other people also join the fray, with the man who started the fight I heard "I'm ready to go to jail tonight," according to the Los Angeles Times.

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