Fleta’s Overwatch League MVP Echo Skin Now Available

It’s kinda good, it’s kinda bad, but the Supervision League’s newest MVP look is definitely not ugly.

Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun, the league’s MVP of 2020, has long been a terrifying DPS in both the Seoul Dynasty and the Shanghai Dragons. Last season, he took to the skies as the Echo, beaming down the baseline with ease. And thanks to his performance in the hero and many others, he won the MVP award.

To commemorate his performance, he chose Echo to receive the league’s annual MVP skin.

in a video posted by the league, Fleta said he asked for a “half angel, half demon” skin to represent him as a person. Outside Supervision, Fleta considers herself a calm and calm person. Once you enter a competitive atmosphere, however, all the evil comes to light.

MVP’s new look, titled “Good vs. Bad,” splits Echo in half. Its upper and left side are angelic and feathered, representing all that is good. The other wing and its lower half burst into flames and embers. While it is an apt interpretation of Fleta’s request, the details and animations on the skin are flawless.

Echo’s Good vs. Evil Skin is now available in Supervision by 200 Supervision League tokens. The San Francisco Shock Championship Mask, Midas Roadhog, is also available. Supervision League Tokens can be purchased within the game.

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